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10 types of Instagram visual content get shared like crazy

10-types-of-visual-content-on-Instagram-that-get-shared-like-crazy our attention spans are diminishing.

Unsurprisingly, visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social media Followers on instagram than any other type of content. This is why social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat continue to gain popularity. They are visual and can convey complex messages in a matter of seconds. Digital entrepreneurs like me have to be able to quickly adapt and engage with our audiences as the world becomes more dependent on visual social media platforms. Engagement is a precious resource, so you must earn it. This may seem challenging to your current understanding of social media marketing and engagement. For others, however, this is an excellent opportunity to reach a new, highly engaged audience if you are willing to act quickly.

Use time-saving tools for scheduling your Instagram content

Before we look at the types of visual content that will get your Instagram followers and exposure, you should know a few things about creating an effective Instagram posting plan. Your Instagram audience is just like any other social media platform. They want consistency. Consistency in posting and quality content are critical elements of Instagram. Social media scheduling tools are the best way to ensure a steady stream of high-quality content on social media. These desires were challenging to fulfill until now, as only a few social media tools integrate with Instagram and allow you to pre-set your posting calendar.

1. Inspirational quotes

Quotes are what get people excited. Sections give people that warm fuzzy feeling that motivates them to act and help them realize their dreams. Inspirational quotes can be beneficial if you work in an entrepreneurial space like Foundr Magazine. This is one example of how they used this tactic on Instagram to get great engagement.

2. Faces of humans

  • Faces of people create a connection with your brand and tap into their emotions.
  • Photos with faces get 38% more hits than photos without faces…
  • This stat should be enough to convince you to use this tactic to increase engagement on your Instagram account.
  • For decades, Coca-Cola has used the “Human Face” tactic in its marketing campaigns. Instagram is no exception.

3. Landscapes and scenery

If you take a well-taken photo of a stunning scene or landscape, it will grab the attention of anyone scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Even if your business is not outdoors-related, it’s possible to connect with customers through landscape photos. Modcloth has done an excellent job of capturing this essence in the photo below. Another example of a stunning photo that features engagement is here. It was taken using Onlypult.

4. Food

It’s easy to relate to great-looking food, which is why it is one of Instagram’s most famous visual content options. You can even have whole accounts dedicated solely to the art and science of food, like Beautiful Cuisines, which has more than 1 million followers.

5. Photos from the past

The nostalgic feeling that historical photos give off results from our collective memories and the emergence of emotions deep in our subconscious.

Mike Tyson uses historical photos to promote his products via Instagram using Onlypult.

Boss Hunting uses this tactic to transport their customers back in time emotionally.

6. Content created by users

GoPro is the king of user-generated content. GoPro users are essentially their marketing department, taking amazing photos and videos in extreme circumstances all around the globe. GoPro makes the most of it, curating the best images on their Instagram account.

7. Animals

Ever wonder why jumping cat videos are so popular on every social media platform?

There are many animal lovers worldwide, and visual content that taps into this raw emotion can quickly go viral.

National Geographic has one of the most popular Instagram accounts, engaging content and high-quality animal photographs. This one:

8. Behind-the-scenes

People prefer to do business with people and not brands.

It’s essential to establish a personal connection with customers. Being a human connection is one way to show customers glimpses of your staff and what goes on behind the scenes. for more click here.

Below is a locker-room photo was taken by the Golden State Warriors and shared with Onlypult

Gap also shows off their clothing designers to all the world in this example:

9. Trends in real-time

Although they may not last long, they can increase engagement with Instagram by jumping on newsworthy stories and real-time trends.For example, #pokemongo boasts over 7,000,000 Instagram posts…

This user used this trend to their advantage and received over 6,000 likes and 120+ comments.

10. Video stories

Video is the new black. Facebook now gives video priority in users’ newsfeeds. Periscope and Vine are multiplying, and Instagram videos attract much more attention.

Birchbox’s short video has been viewed over 42,000 times. This is impressive for an Instagram account that only gets 1,500 likes on most photos.


You have the opportunity to connect with your ideal audience through Instagram.

There is no one way to master Instagram strategies and tap into the visual sensibilities of today’s social media.

It would help if you had a variety strategy to make a big splash. One that uses a combination of different types of visual content. It is essential to keep the content consistent. Your engagement will decrease if you don’t have consistency.

Onlypult is a great way to maintain consistency and keep your engagement high.

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