Living Room Storage

13 Creative Living Room Storage Solutions

Storage problems are often present in living rooms. They frequently require a storage solution that makes rooms feel roomy without losing design because they are frequently packed with furniture (such as your sofa, an armchair, and media accessories).

By hiding and organizing your living room needs, you can reduce clutter. Utilize furniture with multiple uses to help incorporate storage into your décor.

Choose furniture with as much storage potential as possible to help you decorate your living space perfectly. Consider a coffee table with drawers and a shelf for storage, built-in shelves, or living room storage cabinets.

With the help of these reliable pieces of furniture, you can store more things stylishly!

1. Dresser

Although dressers are frequently found in bedrooms, you can use them as storage furniture in living areas. Stock the drawers with items you frequently use, such as electronics, books, movies, toys, and activities for children. If you’re short on room, a dresser can double as a TV stand to keep your entertainment needs nearby.

2. Desk

To create a functional home office space for storage, tuck a desk into a corner of your living room. Choose a unit with drawers or cabinets to hide stuff like pens and notepads conveniently. If you can’t place the desk against a wall or set of windows, try sliding it up against the back of your sofa.

3. Tiered Coffee Table

Even though a coffee table’s surface has many uses, choosing a model with tiers might make it even more practical. Place books and periodicals on the shelf below, and organize smaller objects with trays or baskets. Keep decorative items like candles and floral arrangements on the top shelf to add flair to your area.

4. Console Table

Console tables are stylish options for storage furniture. They frequently have a narrow profile that makes it easy to slide behind a sofa or against a wall. To add more storage, arrange boxes or baskets underneath it. Additionally, console tables are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select one that is the ideal size for your room.

5. Storage Hutch

For formal or classic living rooms, storage furniture pieces like hutches, pie safes, cabinets, and armoires never go out of style. These classy pieces give a room substance and have lots of storage for keeping things in order. Hutches are also great for storing goods that should be hidden from view, including extra blankets or entertainment equipment.

6. Living Room Cabinet

Consider a small living room cabinet, a crucial storage piece of furniture for open-concept living spaces. It provides additional space behind closed doors and is bigger than a console table. Place one behind a sofa that “floats” in the middle of the room to provide ample storage, a surface for placing drinks, and a place for lighting to brighten the seating area.

7. Storage Bench

Make use of a storage bench to combine two purposes into one. A cushion on top provides a seat, and bins of toys, games, or crafting materials can be stored in the cubbies below. Put this piece of storage furniture in your living room next to a window for a simple but useful DIY window seat.

8. Built-In Shelves

Invest in built-ins to give your living space an architectural presence and a more orderly appearance. Consider using shelves to surround a doorway or cabinets to enclose a fireplace. Families with a sizable book collection or many decorative objects to exhibit benefit most from built-in bookshelves.

9. Ottoman with storage

Ottomans are versatile storage furniture options that add order and functionality to your living area. They come in different forms, styles, and sizes. Pick a style with a lid that opens to show a spacious storage area equipped to hold everything, such as blankets and gaming accessories. Upgrade your ottoman with casters for mobile organizing for more functionality.

10. Drawer Coffee Table

Board games, remote controls, and periodicals can all be hidden in drawers packed beneath a coffee table. These furniture pieces perform best in larger living spaces because they are frequently hefty. Before purchasing storage furniture, take your family’s needs into account. Make sure the drawer dimensions will accommodate the stuff you need to keep.

11. Skirted Table

Adding a skirt may transform a plain table into a secret storage space. Use hook-and-loop tape to secure the skirt to the table’s top edge after cutting and hemming a piece of fabric to size. To improve organization in the living area, slide storage carts or bins underneath the table.

12. Floating Shelves

For storing smaller objects and showcasing accessories, floating shelves are ideal. In addition to visually dividing the room, these bookcases also break up a barren wall.

13. Bar Cart

A filled bar cart can add to your living room’s storage space and guarantee you’re prepared to host. Utilize trays or baskets to group bottles, glasses, serving utensils, and other cocktail ingredients. Include closed storage to make it simple to conceal various goods quickly.


Invest in multi-purpose furniture to make the most of the space in a small living room.  Try a built-in cabinet or media unit as a chic substitute for a TV stand. It offers more space to store things out of sight and creates a clutter-free living space. Visit Badger Cabinets in Oak Creek right away to purchase your high-quality living room storage cabinets with super ease!