3 Types of Keycap Profiles? Keycap profiles come in different shapes and sizes.

Keycap profiles come in different shapes and sizes. Spherical keycaps have a curved top, while cylindrical ones are flat. DCS keycaps have a curved top but only one direction. Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages. These differences make them essential in different situations.

Cherry MX

When shopping for a new keyboard, you will most likely notice that many keyboard manufacturers now offer Cherry MX keycap profiles. These keycaps are thinner and flatter than OEM keyboards, making them ideal for gamers. Although these keycaps are slightly more expensive than OEM ones, they are also reported to offer the best typing experience. In addition, they are also much more durable than standard ABS keycaps.

While Cherry MX keycaps are available in several different profiles, there are still a few differences. The most common profiles are Cherry, OEM, DSA, and MT3. Those new to gaming will find that the Cherry MX keycaps are the most comfortable for typing. However, you will want to ensure that you choose the right profile for your needs. If you need help determining what type of profile you’ll need, visit Keyboard University to learn more about the different keycap profiles.

Cherry profile keycaps are similar to OEM keycaps but are 2.5mm shorter. They are ideal for gamers and office workers because they provide a comfortable typing experience. However, they come in fewer styles than OEM keycaps. The Cherry profile keycaps are also more comfortable and provide a bassy sound. These keys are also great for gamers because they work well in virtually any keyboard layout.

Keycap profiles refer to the overall shape of the keycap. Some are flat and round, while others are sculpted. Keycap profiles also describe the keys’ height and the keyboard’s shape. High-profile keycaps have a more retro look, while low-profile ones are flatter and allow you to put your wrists closer to the desk.


Compared to OEM keycaps, the MT3 keycap profile is taller and angled. This design brings the keys closer to the user’s finger. They also have a curved essential face. The ergonomic design allows them to feel comfortable while typing. These keyboards are also available with different keycap profiles.

These keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX switches and offer a different feel than OEM keys. These keycaps are a perfect upgrade for users who want to improve their typing experience. They’re compatible with various keyboards, and the concave shape gives them a different feel than OEM keys.

The layout of old terminal keyboards inspired the MT3 keycap profile. The term “TTY” originally referred to the typewriter but has since come to mean any text terminal. The MT3 keyboard is based on this design and is designed to work with the Mac OS. It also works with Windows. It’s an excellent choice for both people with a Mac and a PC.

The MT3 keyboard features different keycap profiles depending on your keyboard’s layout. You can choose from standard, sculpted, and uniform keycaps. Each keycap profile has its pros and cons. A uniform profile is more accessible to type on than a sculpted one, but each has a distinct aesthetic value.


One of the most well-known DCX keycap profiles is the Drop. This profile is similar to mechanical keyboards but needs to be higher. Its keys are medium-sized and slightly slope between the left and right sides. In addition, it features a cylindrical shape. Regarding aesthetics, it is similar to GMK’s.

Drop keycaps have been the subject of months of development, costing the company $1.5 million to produce. They’re also the first keycaps to incorporate the new DCX profile. The DCX keycaps feature a subtly contoured profile and are compatible with Cherry MX switches. Drop’s DCX keycaps are priced well below the $110 price point of GMK’s Cherry MX keycaps, but they still need to be cheaper.

Drop DCX keycaps are priced at $99 for a standard base kit. These keycaps are unlikely to break the mechanical keyboard niche, but they may improve the quality of GMK’s legendary keycaps. Consider upgrading your mechanical keyboard to use Drop DCX keycaps if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Other DCX keycap profiles include Sculpted and Uniform. The sculpted keycap has a slightly angled surface to reduce typing strain, while the uniform has a flat surface. These are often seen on enthusiast keycap sets with unique designs.

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