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6 Mistakes That Will Cause Dental Problems of All Sorts As You Age

Caring for your teeth and oral health is very important as you age. Going past the 40-year mark, teeth and gum infections tend to rise in frequency. For some people, this can happen sooner or later as well depending on many factors. Oral hygiene is something that takes out many infections even before they arise. Also, what you eat and what goes into your body plays a vital role.

There are no instant mistakes that will cause your teeth or oral health to deteriorate instantly. However, over time, mistakes or the right things you miss for oral care, will cause dental problems. Also, oral health is directly connected with many body heath problems as well. So, here are few oral care mistakes that will give you dental problems over time as you age:

1: Ignoring Daily Teeth Hygiene

Daily teeth and oral hygiene are some of the most important steps towards healthier long-lasting teeth. There are certain factors that you need to take care of on a daily basis. These will include cleaning the teeth and rest of your mouth.

  • Toothbrushing – Make sure to brush your teeth twice every day. Early morning toothbrushing is for fresher breath and increased smile confidence. Brushing teeth before going to bed is necessary and will clean the mouth before you sleep. Also, use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush all parts of the teeth, tongue and wherever the brush can reach in the mouth.
  • Floss Daily – In addition to the right toothbrushing techniques and frequency, flossing teeth is very important too. Get all those smallest of food bits stuck between teeth gaps out with floss. Use new piece of floss between all teeth gaps. Wrap a good length on both index fingers and keep wrapping one on and exposing new bits for each gap.
  • Mouthwash – Use fluoride mouthwash after big meals. Fluoride strengthens teeth enamel. Don’t rinse with water after mouthwash. Let the fluoride sit on the teeth and work its magic.

2: Brushing Teeth Right After Sugary, Acidic Foods and Drinks

Toothbrushing is essential for long-lasting oral health. However, there are times when you should not brush the teeth. Acidic, sugary foods or drinks are known to weaken the top layer of teeth enamel. This exposes inner softer layers to infection, decay and other problems.

So, hold off toothbrushing for at least 30 minutes or an hour after sugary acidic intakes. Enamel comes back on the teeth in a short period of time. However, brushing teeth while it is not there can also dissolve healthy teeth bone as well.

Also, this is why using fluoride mouthwash after big meals is helpful. It helps enamel get back to strength quicker.

3: Too Many Acidic, Sugary Foods in Your Diet

While we are on the topic of acidic, sugary foods, know that they are never good for you. Processed cheesy and saucy foods cause problems for the body and for the teeth. These are always low in essential nutrients but still very high in sugars and acids.

Instead, eat more natural green organics. Fibers and nutrients in organic foods like cucumbers, celery, broccoli and whole fruits are much better. Eat your fruits whole without juicing them up. Not even smoothies because they lose essential nutrients too. Eat healthy, stay healthy and keep teeth healthy.

4: You Smoke Too Much or Chew Tobacco

Tobacco is just so bad for oral health and teeth condition. Smoking excessively can so quickly tint your teeth yellow, pale or dark. None of these are good for your smile confidence. Smokers also tend to develop more teeth infection over the long-term too.

Also, some people chew on tobacco. This is the worst for your oral health. Teeth or gum infections will soon follow for people who chew tobacco. Give tobacco up. It will keep you body in better shape along with your teeth and gums as well. Tobacco users need to get dental implants more often too.

5: Drink Alcoholic or Carbonated Drinks Too Much

It is important to keep the body hydrated. Your gums are mainly soft tissue that have a lot of water in them. So, drink plenty of plain water to keep hydration levels up. Even fruit juices when juiced are rich in sugars and not so much in healthy nutrients and fibers.

Also, excessive alcohol and carbonated drinkers also get more teeth and oral infections too. This is because such drinks tend to dissolve teeth enamel as well exposing softer inner layers. So, look after your teeth and body by staying away from such beverages.

6: Ignoring Teeth or Oral Problems and Infections

Many times, people ignore teeth problems. If you have any pain sensations upon consumption of hot, cold food or drinks, it is a sign of infection. Also, if you have bloody gums without pain, it is a problem as well. Sometimes, your gums will develop dark spots on them, red or even brown spots from infections.

Also, small black or dark spots on top of teeth crowns are big problems. When left unchecked, you will get tooth or teeth decay. Expensive, painful fixes and procedures might include crowns, dentures or even dental implants. Avoid these by visiting dentist as soon as possible if you have any infections.

Bottom Line

Teeth and oral health are always very important. As we age, gum tissue will become softer. This is when you need to up your oral hygiene game as well. Also, make sure to follow all our abovementioned precautions and care tips to last your teeth longer. Visit the dentist every six months. Let them spot any infections or problems before they become big problems.