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Are a Case and Screen Protector Required for Your iPhone 13?

Is a case and screen protector necessary, or can you just use your iPhone without any accessories? This is a question that every new iPhone owner has questioned.

You might have wondered whether you really need a cover and screen protector for your new iPhone, or if you already own one. Of course, you want to preserve your iPhone well, but you also don’t want to spend money on accessories that aren’t necessary.

Do You Need to protect your iPhone 13?

This question cannot be answered simply because it is dependent on how you handle and utilize your equipment. The iPhone 13 is a costly gadget composed of premium components. It should withstand the most common impacts, but if you drop it from a fair height onto a hard surface, it will still break.

The best choice is unquestionably a case and screen protector if you frequently drop or scratch your phones. Although you won’t have the same experience as when using a bare iPhone, you won’t always be concerned about losing it.

Reasons for using a phone case and Screen Protector

Here are all the justifications for getting an iPhone case and screen protector in case you’re still on the fence.

You Want a High-Resale Value

You should safeguard your iPhone to maintain a high resale value. Compared to other cell phones the iPhone holds its value significantly better over time.

 However, if you use a case and screen protector to preserve your iPhone in pristine condition, its resale value will continue to be much greater.

You Can’t Afford an Expensive Repair

The cost of repairing an iPhone 13 is high. You must pay $279 if you own an iPhone 13 pro and need to replace the screen. Expect to spend up to $549 if further components need to be replaced.

Spending $10 to $20 on a case could wind up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run because you may want to eliminate any danger of having to pay that.

You want your iPhone to Be Customized

A case provides lots of customizing choices. Apple gives you a few color options when you purchase an iPhone, but once you make a decision, you’re stuck with it until you purchase another device, even if you no longer prefer that hue.

 Protect your iPhone from physical damage

Your iPhone 13 is protected by cases. The screen of your iPhone may eventually need to be repaired if it is broken since it may cease reacting to your touch.

Additionally, if you manage to snap any shots at all, they won’t look nearly as beautiful because you risk smashing your camera’s lens. Your phone can be made waterproof, protected from screen damage if it falls on one of its edges, have the camera shielded, or all of the above depending on the case you buy.

It may raise your phone’s potential resale value.

If you want to update your iPhone 13 in the future, buying a phone case is generally sensible. If your iPhone 13 has several nicks, minor scratches, or is even completely broken and you want to trade it in at a kiosk, through a trade-in program, or resell it to someone else, the price you receive won’t be as high.

 Iphone13 case adds personality to your phone

Get a case that reflects your personality if you’re worried about obscuring the phone’s appearance. Even better, get a case that is completely personalized and has the image of your choice printed on it.

In the end, you might find them annoying, but getting a phone case is a smart move. A $30–$40 case will help you hold onto your phone for a little while longer with a little less wear and tear, but most phone cases won’t always protect your phone 100% of the time. Sometimes you can damage or break your phone whether you have a case on it or not.

 Ultimate Protection

Your cell phone may drop out of your hand and land on the concrete pavement with its front or rear glass broke when you’re under stress. When you use a smartphone case, you can be confident that your phone won’t get damaged if it ever happens to slip out of your hand.

A phone cover functions similarly to a home for a cell phone. A phone cover offers the same level of protection from filth and harm that a house does for its occupants. It shields the entire body of the mobile phone from damage from the outside and guards it against any scratches or nicks that might be inflicted on its surface. Even if you drop your phone unintentionally, the shock may be absorbed by the case or cover, preventing serious damage.

 More Resale Value

If you had kept your phone safe by utilizing a mobile case while you were considering upgrading, you would have gotten greater value for your phone. The more in good condition your gadget is, the higher its resale value will be. Additionally, you’ll be doing the buyer of your phone a favor by ensuring that he receives it in top form, and with more money, you’ll be able to easily purchase a new phone.

Because your iPhone 13 is flawless and has no nicks or scratches on its body, purchasers will need to pay more than the going rate.

 Look and Feel

There are now a variety of phone cases and covers available that not only give your phone the best possible protection but also improve its appearance. If you like, you can also buy a personalized case or cover for your mobile to get the best protection and the aesthetic that you desire. Smooth silicone edge cases with curved edges are available to make your mobile phone look even better.

There are now very sleek, stylish, and sexy iPhone 13 cases available on the market that simultaneously enhance the beauty of the devices while also offering maximum protection, despite the claims of people who own expensive devices like the most recent iPhone 13 that putting on a case will hide the beauty of their new mobile phone.


Modern smartphones are more than just ordinary electronics; they feature edge glass screens, glass casings, and several camera lenses. Since they cost so much to purchase, it makes sense to spend a bit extra to protect them.

The majority of smartphone cases on the market cost less than $15, and the best cases that offer full-body protection can be found for under $30. At a very low cost, you not only receive a full-body case but also a screen protector that is integrated and made of dual-layered TPU materials. You can invest a little extra money to protect your smartphone after spending so much on an expensive smartphone.

Increased Functionality

In the past, mobile phone covers serve only one purpose: to safeguard the device. Those times are long gone. The market currently offers a variety of mobile phone covers and cases that, while serving the primary function of sheltering the smartphone from external harm, also serve additional uses. For example, some mobile phone covers come with cardholders or holders to hold the phone when watching videos. Nowadays, there are a variety of options available to consumers, and they can select one based on their preferences.


IPhone 13 phone cases are very important for your precious smartphone. They may enhance the value of your smartphone.