Best App To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria

Best App To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria

The best gift for any occasion is a gift card. Unfortunately, most stores do not offer the option to redeem their gift card in naira yet. This means you will have to exchange your gift card for dollars in order to use it, losing out on the potential money you could save by using it directly in naira. However, there are a few e-commerce stores and platforms that allow you to exchange your gift card for naira on the spot, so check out these best gift card apps to redeem them in Nigeria today!

Gc Buying

Gc Buying is ranked first among apps in Nigeria for trading gift cards. Gift cards are a popular option for those who are shopping online and need the flexibility of choosing from the widest selection of stores. Though, this approach can be a little more difficult for shoppers in Nigeria since there is not yet a gift card to Naira exchange market. Here is an overview of the best options available on how to get Naira from your gift card

Snappy Exchange

SnappyExchnage was established in June 2020 and has since purchased hundreds of gift cards, making it simple for users to sell their gift cards and bitcoin for cash without going through the hassle of actually selling them separately on Facebook, through classified advertising, etc.

This is now available to customers in Ghana as well as Nigeria thanks to their amazing services. This indicates that you may exchange your gift card for cash in Ghana with him. You will always be appreciative of trading on SnappyExchnage because there are over 30,000 active traders on this site.

You may anticipate, among other things, 24-hour customer service, a weekly cash incentive for traders, user rating, and snappy token rewards while trading on SnappyExchange. They also have a blog page where you can read articles on gift cards and cryptocurrency. This app has all the features you need to make sure your money and transactions are secure, including a biometric fingerprint reader, an instant email alert when a successful login attempt is made, etc. Most importantly, the user interface is extremely distinctive to keep your attention throughout your transactions.


Have you ever encountered problems exchanging gift cards in Nigeria? If so, this place is perfect for you. When compared to the competitors, Prestmit provides one of the most distinctive trading platforms for digital assets. Visit their website if you’ve never used this platform to see why it’s one of the finest for selling gift cards and other digital assets.

Let’s look at the application itself. It has a modern, quick, and lightweight design. We made sure that their Android app accurately represents their offerings. If you decide to sell your gift cards on Prestmit, the software is safe, user- and beginner-friendly, and most importantly, you will receive payment immediately. It’s easy to get started; just click the download button below to acquire the software (iOS users can also grab the Presmit app from the Apple Store), register, log enter, select the sort and amount of your gift card, send it for processing, and then watch for your payment to arrive.


As long as you provide them a legitimate gift card, CardnCash is perhaps the finest location to simply exchange your gift cards for cash or bitcoin without losing them. They provide the finest rates in addition to a secure platform that prevents the usage of your cards during transactions.

We will pay you instantly and accepts a variety of gift card currencies. The user interface of this software is user-friendly, and the customer assistance is excellent. One of the top Android applications for selling gift cards in Nigeria is this one.