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Best Ways to Reset Canon TS3122 to Factory Settings

How do I reset the Canon TS3122 Printer to Factory Settings The Canon TS3122 is a printer that has been designed to be a factory. Canon is a great business well-known for providing top-quality printing equipment. Canon’s printer Canon is equipped with a range of pleasing functions that enable users to complete essential tasks such as printing copies, scanning, and the faxing process in one step. Furthermore, these printers come with a built-in technology that allows them to detect the presence of an internal issue or glitch. Consider a scenario where the amount of ink cartridges has reached a risky degree. What is your strategy? It’s a mystery! In this case, it is recommended to reset the printer. In this blog, we’ll instruct all Canon printer users on how to reset a canon printer to factory Settings.

Issues with technology such as error codes, driver issues, error codes, and issues with cartridges. Malfunctions or internal problems are typical for printers. The printer’s long-term use or improper handling could limit its capacity to its total capacity. It is true that these issues are frustrating and make the user feel frustrated. It is advised to reset the printer to resolve the problems. Suppose you have a Canon printer that meets the requirements of printing and has run into an error in the technical system, and you’re unable to resolve the issue. In that case, you should learn the steps to reset Canon TS3122 Printer to Factory Settings by following this blog until the final.

How to Reset Canon TS3122 to Factory Settings

1. Begin the process by turning off the Canon TS3122 printer.

2. Sit for a couple of minutes.

3. Turn on the printer once more.

4: Press to hold on the WiFi button.

5. When completed, you can release and press the color button on the Canon TS3122 printer.

6. Next is the next step, which is to hold and release the WiFi button, and then check if it’s flashing or not.

7. Go through the Menu and utilize the arrow keys to navigate the set-up menu.

8. Next, go to the settings on the device and click the OK button.

9. Choose the option Reset to begin the process of resetting.

These are the steps you must follow to reset the Canon printer TS3122. Make sure to follow the instructions in the exact order described above without omitting anything in between for the most efficient outcomes.

How to Reset Canon TS3122 to Ink Cartridges

After you’ve learned how to reset Canon TS3122 Printer to Factory Settings, It’s time to show you methods to reset the cartridges for ink. Sometimes a Canon user will have technical issues that ink cartridges could cause. Thus. Understanding how you can reset cartridges for the Canon printer ink will always come in useful. If you want to learn how to reset the ink cartridges, these are the easy ways to reset ink cartridges on the Canon TS3122 printer.

1. Begin the process by turning off the printing device.

2. Next, you must press both the power and stop buttons simultaneously.

3. Following that, you release the Stop button and then double hit the Power button and the Stop button.

4. When you’re done, then wait for some time (say 20-30 minutes) until you have a display O on the screen.

5. Next, press the power button four times before pressing the power button once more.

6. Once you have finished that, shut off the machine by pushing the power button. After that, the printer will be reset. Ink cartridge.

7. Once you’re done, take off your USB or power cord.

8. Open the door in the back of the cabinet to reach the cartridge. Press on the power switch. Connect the cable once more.

9. Close the panel and hit the power button.

So, here’s how to reset Canon TS3122 to Factory Settings. We hope you enjoy this article and found the information you’ve been searching for. You can do these simple steps at home without needing external assistance. Follow the steps outlined above and ensure that you do all stages in the order stated in the previous paragraphs. If you encounter any issues or difficulties in executing the steps above and require assistance from a professional or service, you can contact us. In contact with our knowledgeable team via live chat.

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