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Build Your Dream Home Patio Ideas: Quick Guide 2022

Homeowners love the idea of making the most use of their house exterior. It’s not only the paint job that does it for them anymore. To relax and spend quality time outdoors, a home garden or a patio is a wonderful option to explore. Most houses at DHA in Multan have impeccable architecture, which brings its unique character to the limelight. But the foremost thing one notices about these houses is they have a well-maintained exterior design. 

The patio is the perfect outdoor space that goes perfectly for any home. You can spend time with your family and frankly speaking, the overall appearance of the home improves, too. So the patio is what you need to make a huge impact on the onlookers. 

In this blog, you will get to learn how to make do with a patio and the steps to building and maintaining one. 

How to get started on a patio?

Before committing to a particular patio style, first, envision your choices and the finished space. You need a good location, the right size, and patio furniture, and decide about the positioning, too. Your house at DHA in Multan depicts a taste of unique architecture, and therefore the patio must resemble in contrast the outlook. 

Patio design is all about complimenting the home and landscape so that it can enhance your lifestyle. If the space is large, consider paving materials with beautiful patio designs and the use of multiple materials too. The use of multiple materials can allow you to incorporate an outdoor kitchen too, making the patio a perfect spot for an outdoor dining experience at home. 

Best possible materials required to build a patio 

1- Concrete 

Do you know that poured concrete is the best patio material choice for new homeowners? The secret lies hidden in its sound structure, affordability, and the choice to have it dyed or mimic other high-quality materials. 

Because Multan is a city with hot summers, this material will be a perfect choice because of zero frost concerns even in winters. The pro tip is to be considerate of the thickness level for the patio. The standard thickness is four inches but if you intend to build a heavy one, you can make the root thicker. 

2- Bricks 

Bricks are a common tool that can inspire several patio designs, making them more attractive. These are available in a variety of colors and give a much warmer appeal to the home. You need to make sure that bricks are leveled and grouted to consider before going to the next stage of construction. 

You can also create patterns using bricks like a boxed basket weave or herringbone over a 2-inch thick layer of the bricks. 

3- Pavers 

Sometimes the stone pavers can become a favorite choice for a DIY patio. They are available at a low price and installing them is super easy even for an amateur. So if you have the intention to work on a DIY patio project, then a suitable substrate consists of three inches of sand and a prominent border like a concrete curb. It will prevent pavers from shifting. 

You can butt them tightly by installing them with uniform mortar joints. 

4- Stone

Stones are one of the highly desirable materials in patio construction. But they do sometimes cost you steeply compared to other materials. Especially if the stone you desire to use is not available locally, it will cost you a certain amount. 

For instance, granite, travertine, slate, or bluestone are some of the top choices in building a formal patio. However, do remember that natural stone is highly durable for all patio types and if you happen to add it on a poolside best opt for a nonslip variety like a coral stone. 

5- Tile 

The use of tiles in the patio is nothing out of ordinary. From ceramic, glass to porcelain, and terra cotta tiles relay a mosaic patio style. It is quite refreshing and also cool in summer. The tile is thin and therefore can be installed on a concrete slab. 

Come up with unique design ideas to create patterns and themes for the patio by using tiles and complimentary materials. So considering the facts and the types of materials you can use even a mixture of these materials for aesthetic sense.