The platform began as a marketplace for $5 freelance services. You could find everything from logo design to SEO services to animation videos (and much more). Buyers of these services were able to find and compare options to meet their needs with a minimal outlay of resources. It has been an excellent resource for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone else attempting to build an online brand.

The platform has evolved over time to become even more robust. While it is still the home of the $5 gig, there are numerous advanced services (full website design, etc.) that cost significantly more. This indicates that the level of talent is not restricted to freelancers willing to work for $5 per hour. It is unrealistic to find a web designer who is willing to create a website for $5. However, there are reputable freelancers who offer web design services (at often still affordable prices).

A few reasons why Fiverr is a great place to find talent are as follows:

Its cost-effectiveness makes many services more accessible to brands with modest budgets.

Gigs are often scalable. This means that you can obtain an entry-level service at a low cost, or you can upgrade for additional features and/or faster completion times.

The integrated review system enables buyers to rate every gig. This provides freelancers with a strong incentive to perform well on all of their projects or risk losing out on future opportunities.

Additionally, seller levels i


When attempting to improve your SEO, you should first examine the technical structure of the website itself. Technical issues resulting in broken links, slow page load times, and missing code/information on pages and posts are among the most common factors that limit websites.

Therefndicate who delivers consistently at a high level. This means you can select an individual who has repeatedly proven their worth.

Now, let’s examine six Fiver SEO services you can use immediately to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

A comprehensive scan of your website can reveal specific measures you can take to ensure that it is technically sound.

Numerous issues have simple solutions, especially on a WordPress site with reliable hosting. A quality technical SEO audit report will also rank the importance of the issues in order to maximise their impact. If you have some technical know-how, you may be able to fix the problems on your own. However, a worthwhile upgrade to this report would include having experts handle everything for you.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I’ll perform a technical SEO audit on your site.

  • Basic: SEO Audit Report – Technical ($5
  • Standard: WordPress Audit Report and Cleanup ($50).
  • Premium: In addition to Home Page Optimisation ($135)


After establishing a solid technical foundation for your website, the next step is to identify the keywords people use to find it. And this goes beyond the terms you use to describe your own service. Finding the terms that others use to find you is crucial.

With an SEO Keyword Research Report, we begin with the primary keywords you use to describe your website’s offerings. Then, we examine exact match, phrase match, broad match, and associated keyword terms.

This information allows us to rank keyword phrases based on factors such as total monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and potential click-through rates. This information can inform several other aspects of your SEO strategy, including your website’s overall architecture, blog post topics, and link-building terminology.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I’ll conduct SEO keyword research for your website.

  • Basic: SEO Keyword Research Report ($5)
  • Extras: Action Plan (+$20)


The on-site SEO theme is continued in the following step. Once you’ve corrected the technical foundation and determined which keyword terms to target, a good on-page optimization service will assist you in ensuring that the content on the page is well optimised for the target keyword (s).

These reports offer strategy, SERP features, backlink opportunities, semantic content, technical SEO, and user experience optimization ideas.

Furthermore, these reports are useful for any page you want to rank, not just the homepage. So, if you have pages for core products, service areas, or other authority pages, run this on each one to ensure you’re getting found for a variety of terms.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO on-page optimization reports

  • Basic: On-Page SEO Report ($5)
  • Standard: On-Page Report + Meta ($30)
  • Premium: Full Page Optimization Service ($85)


Now that you have addressed all of the on-site elements, we can evaluate how search engines perceive your site. Here, a Keyword Positions Report can assist us in determining the terms and positions for which you currently rank.

This information can be utilized in numerous ways. Typically, when developing an SEO strategy for a client, we look for low-hanging fruit to achieve quick victories. The objective is always to rank terms in the top three positions on the first page, where more than half of all clicks occur. Therefore, we search for terms between positions 4 and 10 on the first page, as well as terms on pages two and three. With these terms, we can try some of the more straightforward techniques that can improve the site’s ranking more rapidly.

The precise application of this information can vary greatly; therefore, a consultation is a suitable follow-up to this report. We can assist in sifting through the data to ensure that you have the best plan for moving forward.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO keyword position reports for your website

  • Basic: Position Report ($5)
  • Standard: Position Report + Site Audit Report ($10)
  • Premium: Reports + Consult ($50)


Link building remains one of the most influential signals we can send to search engines to demonstrate the value of a page or website. And while there are a number of techniques we employ to build a robust backlink portfolio, there is one thing that has made a significant impact on local business rankings. Creating (or cleaning up) citations for your local business has proven to be a crucial ranking factor.

There are essentially hundreds (if not thousands) of online directories that list (or could list) your company. Yelp is very popular. However, there are numerous sites of this type. And there are two keys to utilizing these directories effectively. The NAP (name, address, and phone number) must match what Google and your website display. Inaccurate listings can harm your credibility and have a negative effect on your rankings as a result. Each of these listings typically includes a link to your website. And frequently these are from websites with greater authority, resulting in good credibility links that increase your authority.

The report shows you the accuracy of your listings on top directory websites. Then, cleaning up these listings (or creating them where they do not exist) is a high-impact service that we recommend to every small business.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will do a local SEO business listing audit

  • Basic: Local SEO Business Listing Audit ($5)
  • Standard: Local Citations Building Starter ($295)
  • Premium: Full Local Business Listing Cleanup ($695)


As mentioned previously, SEO is a process. Therefore, having an ongoing content strategy is one of the best ways to increase the overall keyword value of your website. It not only increases the number of keywords for which you can rank, but it also creates more potential entry points onto your site that could reach the coveted top three positions.

However, blogging for business is difficult. Hopefully, you can now see how strongly we feel about leveraging data and taking a strategic approach. We therefore prefer to conduct a little content research using the target keywords.

This research can be performed for every blog post you create. And it serves as the basis for every blog post produced by our team of SEO writers. The ultimate objective is to generate content with search engine and social media value. This method can assist you in amassing a library of valuable resources that will generate traffic for years to come.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO content research and template

  • Basic: Content Research and SEO Template ($5)
  • Standard: Content Research + 500-Word Post ($95)
  • Premium: Content Research + 1,000-Word Post ($170)


It is not particularly difficult to generate substantial website traffic through search engines. However, you must be strategic about your approach.

You can use ORM_Virtuoso Fiverr SEO gigs to explore SEO services and increase website traffic. It is essential, however, not to purchase random gigs that make grand claims. You should be aware of where your website stands, where you want to take traffic, and where your greatest traffic opportunities are. Then, develop a plan that propels you toward your objectives.


If you want to begin by discussing any of this with us, we’re always happy to do so (for free) and point you in the right direction. You may schedule an appointment with us at any time. And feel free to grab some of these gigs to get your SEO strategy off to a good start.