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Cordelia Cruises – An Experience of a Lifetime


A vacation that combines the excitement of the city with the tranquility of the sea. Doesn’t that sound perfect? What about taking a vacation in a seaside city? Are you intrigued? Imagine going on vacation and getting everything you’ve ever wanted, including dining under the stars, exploring new places by ship, and playing poker.

Take a cruise vacation on the brand-new Cordelia Cruises instead of an international vacation! Cordelia Cruises has the best vacation for you, whether you’re a solo traveler, an adrenaline junkie, a parent with kids, or a couple looking for a romantic getaway. These cruises will take you all over the world, so you won’t even need to cross any borders!

Inside the Luxurious Cordelia Cruise 

The cleanliness of our luggage was the first thing we noticed when we entered the ship. On the cruise, there is a photography point where you can get a lot of pictures taken. When you get on the ship, those same pictures will be given to you.

The Reception area, which is on the 5th floor, is the first thing you see on the cruise. The floor with the most fun and activity is now the fifth floor. The fact that every activity takes place on this very floor is one of the main reasons. There is a marquee theater on the floor, where many shows are held. There are magic shows, Punjabi shows, and a variety of shows every now and then. 400 people can fit in the theater. The Chairman’s Club is next, and there is always slow music played on guitar and other instruments there. a perfect setting for a romantic dinner or dance with your significant other. There is also a restaurant in the Chairman’s Club. The Chairman’s Club, on the other hand, is a paid activity that you can enjoy.

Regarding costs, the cruise provides Wi-Fi access. The price of the WiFi is $20 for 48 hours.

You can also book a lot of paid activities, including games like Tambola, for yourself or the kids. There is also an additional show that is only for adults over the age of 18. The Russian dancers perform in the show, which is typically favored by couples. Therefore, you can select it if you are interested.

The cruise director, Isha Nirvana, is the one-stop shop for all solutions. She periodically announces the ongoing activities and their locations. She explains everything to you so precisely and courteously.

The Room Revealed: Let’s talk about where you’ll be living. You begin by receiving key cards. Now, the number of cards you receive is proportional to the number of people in the room.

There are two beds in total and a wardrobe and attached bathroom when you enter the room. You can join these two beds together or open them from the top to make a bunk bed. As a result, we made four beds by converting our beds into bunk beds. For two people and two kids, there are adequate beds.

To meet your demands, a range of accommodations are available.. A stateroom and a luxury room are also available.

All About Food Food is one of the most important aspects of traveling. Numerous individuals travel for food. The cruise offers a wide range of dining options. Not only do you have options for food, but you also have options for where you want to eat. It’s up to you and your mood whether you want a dinner with a view of the sea or a royal restaurant.

The Starlight Restaurant is a royal dining area where vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain, and baby food options are available. You can also make special requests if necessary. My opinion is that the food was bland; however, if you let the staff know, they will adjust the menu accordingly.

You can also have dinner with a view of the sea when you go to the 10th Floor. The fact that it was too hot to eat my food was the only issue I had with the space.

Basic Services:

You can bring your own snacks on the cruise if you are traveling with children. There is a place called Connections on the sixth floor. There are eight bottles of Bisleri kept in your room every day. Occasionally, numerous workshops are held here. Workshops include painting workshops and Magic Workshop.

A children’s play area and a library are on the cruise ship’s ninth floor. On the ninth floor, there is also a Bridge tour. The captain’s room is the focus of the bridge tour. Here, the cruise’s captain tells you about the cruise, how the ship sails, the temperature, how the wind affects the sail, where you are, how the cruise works, and other details.

There is a rock climbing area for kids on the 10th floor. There is a dome restaurant with an above-ground gym. You can drink and eat at the lounge bar known as the Dome Restaurant. There is also a pool bar where you and your partner or friends can have a drink. Then there is the pool, which is open to both children and adults. In this area, the DJ plays all the time.

The food court is one of the most exciting parts. The pool is opposite the food court. The sun deck is located above the food court. The sun deck is the highest point of the ship. From here, you can see the sunrise and sunset, which are both breathtaking and unforgettable. You can also come and do exercises or yoga.