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Dental Instruments USA Important To Your Dental Practice

Our goal is that you can find at Dentaltix all the dental instruments USA, you need for your dental practice. In this article, we examine all types of tools and utensils that are used on a daily basis. If you are thinking of opening your own dental practice, if you want to renew a particular product line, or if you want to know more, we invite you to read more of this article.

Let’s start with the essential dental instruments USA tools needed in dentistry. These dental tools are essential in every dentist’s exam tray.

Functional Dental Mirror:

The mirror is an important dental tool for examining the patient’s oral cavity, both in direct and indirect vision. In addition, it can be used as a terminal server. Its small size and high flexibility make it the main dental tool for a fully functional vision.

Dental Probe:

A dental probe instrument contains a long, thin tip. There are two types of dental probes.

Research Findings:

It is a classic tool that is used to detect the level of bacterial plaque, cavities, etc. Dental power: Dental power is the main tool used in dental work for many functions: it can be used to split tissue, hold it, suck it, and move small objects in or out of the oral cavity. .. Depending on the work to be done, there are different types of power: surgical, for ligatures, hemostatic,

Forceps (Grip Type):

Forceps are tools used in dentistry for many treatments, especially in orthodontics or in the laboratory. There are different types of bottles, each with a specific use. They can be used to cut wires, rods, or even two hooks and can cut things like plaster.

Let’s move on to rotary tools and small equipment

Rotary tools are tools that move at different speeds. They allow the dental bone, which is placed at the end of the device, to turn itself. For their work, these devices must be connected to the pipes of the dental equipment. For this, there are different fabrics depending on the type of connection.

Tooth Turbines:

Tooth turbines are rotating devices in which air is driven directly through the tooth shaft through a fitting. Of all the spinners, it has the highest rotation speed but the lowest. The turbine is used for treatment that requires high resistance to treatment. For example, removing the hard tissue of the tooth, such as enamel or tooth enamel. In this post, we tell you about dental turbines. Micromotors: Micromotors are used for the treatment of hard dental tissues.

This device is connected to dental equipment tubing with a flexible connection system. Speed ​​and torque are also variable. Two different types of tools can be applied to the micromotor: straight and contra-angle. In this post, we provide you with more information about micromotors.


It is a tool that rotates at low speed (between 20,000 and 40,000 rpm) and is rarely used together. Handpieces are used to touch the prostheses and are always connected to the micromotor. Finally, these tools can be with or without fire. In this post, we give you advice on choosing a hand.

Dental Contra-Angles:

These are used in the mouth to remove cavities, adjust cavities and crowns, and remove fillings. They can be used to finish, clean, and restore tooth surfaces. They are low speed, high torque tools. Before moving on to other types of equipment that are important for your cabinet, we must not forget the different fittings depending on the type of connection.

Dental Lights:

These lights are used to light cure dental materials, especially adhesives, and composites. They have ultraviolet light that works with heat-treated materials, making them polymerize and harden in a short time. A good example is Coltene SPEC3 Spec 3 Curing Light:

Apex Locators:

Apical locators are dental endodontic devices that measure the impedance, frequency, and resistance of the surrounding material to find the length of the root canal to be replaced. For example, with a great quality/price ratio, at Dentaltix we recommend the WOODPEX III PRO LCD apex locator.

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