Depreciation of the real estate properties, Lets Explore

Depreciation is a phrase used to define the rate at which the property is losing its value or deteriorating. The depreciation rate or the total amount of depreciation is extremely important for real estate investors. Depreciation can be listed as an expense of owning and maintaining the property and can be used to reduce the tax charged on the income generated from the property. According to data, a property depreciates by 3.6% every year for around 28 years. The depreciation starts once the parcel is given for rent or is occupied. Buy plots for sale in lahore smart city

Tax cuts: An Overview

Depreciation of property may not be as bad as it sounds. In fact, it helps investors save money by lowering the amount of taxes charged on them. Depreciation is a tax subtraction; however, it is treated differently from other factors. It is used to decrease the cost of buying and improving a real estate property, mainly those given for rent. Depreciation divides the cost of maintaining the property throughout its entire useful life instead of just subtracting it as one big expense. The internal revenue service determines how the depreciation is calculated for each property, and they have very strict rules.

Which types of properties are depreciated?

 In order for a property to be depreciated, it needs to meet certain requirements. You need to be the legal owner of the property, and it doesn’t matter if you have bought the property on a mortgage that remains unpaid. Moreover, the property can not be your main residence and should not be used for residential purposes. In order for the parcel to be depreciated, it needs to be generating income or should be used for business-related activities. Lastly, the property needs to have a determined useful life that can calculate the yearly depreciation amount. The useful life is when the property can be used to generate income until it completely deteriorates and can no longer generate revenue. The minimum useful life is one year; otherwise, the property is not considered depreciable. Even if the property meets all the above requirements, it still can not be depreciated if it is sold in the same year it was bought.

Furthermore, the depreciation rate is no longer applicable if the property is not used in income-generating activities. An empty piece of land can not be depreciated as it was never ‘used up’ in the first place. Consequently, costs relating to the ground and not the building can not be declined. Know more about rudn enclave map

When does depreciation start?

The investor can start depreciating the property once the property has started generating income or is ready to be used as a rental property. For example, if you buy a property and carry out repairs on it for six months before giving it for rent. When you calculate the depreciation, you will not apply it when you bought the property but when you gave it for rent 6 months later. The property needs to be depreciated until the entire cost has been subtracted and you have fully recovered the amount invested. However, even if all the expenses haven’t been recovered, you will stop depreciating the property once it stops generating income. You can not depreciate a property that has never been used or is kept idle.

Calculating the depreciation, Here is what you need to know

The depreciation amount depends on the total value of the property, the useful life of the property, and the method of depreciation you use. The depreciation can be calculated using the straight-line method or the reducing balance method. The decision depends on the investor and the way they treat their properties. However, before you can calculate the depreciation, you need to separate the cost of the building from the cost of the land. As mentioned above, the land is not depreciated, and hence it needs to be subtracted. To do this fairly, you should find the market value of the land and remove it from the cost of construction.


Depreciating your property is not a legal requirement; however, it is beneficial for the investors. It gives them an accurate value for their properties and helps reduce the tax charges. Invest in 1947 Housing.

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