Dubai travel guide for food lovers

Dubai is a city that expands out of the sandbanks of the Persian Gulf. Many people live in the area with different traditions and tastes. Many beautiful skyline buildings, ports, and beaches invite tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of recreational fun options like shopping from famous brands or eating at the best restaurants. No tour is completed until you try some delicious food in a lavish place.

Food in Dubai

Dubai is a hub of tasty food variety and a paradise for food lovers. Whether you like steak or BBQ, Dubai serves the best taste. One of the famous foods of the town is Emirati food. However, it’s delicious local food. Let’s discuss some of the small restaurants that can serve you in a different style. Following are some best food restaurants that will serve you the best food.

  •  Al marhabani restaurant 

Al marhabani restaurant is located on the G floor of the Al Shaali Building, in Dubai. Moreover, the restaurant offers mouth-watering mandi. It’s a dish of rice having meat on the top. However, mandi is cooked in an underground oven. People come to eat this famous dish and some other chicken dishes also.

  • Yacht rental Dubai 

Yacht hire Dubai offers a luxurious experience of entertainment as well as food. Yachts offer delicious food which the tourists can enjoy during the tour of the sea and beautiful skyline buildings. Furthermore, guests can enjoy food from different food varieties. Live BBQ can also add to the package to double the joy.

  • Dhows in Dubai marina 

One of the traditional wooden dhows, the dhow cruise Dubai marina offers a famous international buffet dinner. Many people love to experience the beauty of Dubai along with the traditional taste. They can charter the dhow and enjoy the food from the buffet. Visitors can also enjoy the Tanura dance which is famous for the entertainment on a dhow.

  • Al labeeb grocery 

If you are fond of some traditional tastes then Iranian dosa waits for you. Al labeeb is located at the Jumeirah 3in Dubai. It’s regag bread having egg, cheese, and tasty fish sauce seasoning. Many tourists entertain themselves with this bread and enjoy the beauty of Dubai as well.

  • Ustaad special kabab 

One famous Iranian cuisine restaurant, ustaad special kabab, is present at the Metro station in Dubai. It offers incredibly tasty kebabs. These kebabs are special as they are marinated and cooked with great concern. This place is no less than a meat paradise.

  • Bu Qtair

Many people love to have Indian Asian flavors when traveling around Dubai. Bu Qtair is located near fishing Harbor 2. To have the real flavor of fried stuff visit the indoor restaurant. It offers street food and fish or prawns with authentic flavor.

  • Ravi restaurant 

One restaurant which serves Pakistani dishes with real flavors is Ravi restaurant. It is located at Al Satwa in Dubai. The restaurant is one of the most affordable dining places in Dubai. It offers a casual dine-in experience to the guests. Chicken tikka, mutton Karachi and other traditional foods are easily available.

  • Local bites café 

Serving the best dumplings named luqaimat in Dubai. Its taste is exactly the same as the donuts. The café is located at Jumeirah Beach. It offers hot dumplings topped with sesame and a delicious sauce made of dates. Hence, the restaurant is located in Jumeirah where you can go in the evening to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with luqaimats.

  • Qwaider Al Nabulsi

One of the most popular places in Dubai is Qwaider Al Nabulsi. As it is located at the Deira in Dubai. Moreover, the restaurant serves a lot of food variety but their fame is a tasteful pastry. The pastry is made of sour cheese, sugar syrup, and dough. Furthermore, it’s made freshly on order. Many people prefer this dessert on their menus for different events.

  • Café bateel

As everyone can enjoy complimentary Arabic coffee at different places in Dubai. However, café bateel is located in the Dubai mall. People shop from their favorite brands and get to café to have something great and energetic. Therefore, it offers a very delicious signature kahwa. However, the kahwa is Arabic coffee in actuality. Moreover, the taste of roasted beans and cardamom in the tea makes it refreshing. Moreover, guests are served tea with dates.

  • Allo Beirut 

Allo Beirut is located at Hessa st. Al Barsha in Dubai. It is a colorful roadside restaurant that is famous for serving Levantine cuisine. The main famous dish is grilled shawarma which is so juicy and delicious. Moreover, there is no match to the taste of shawarma found here with anywhere else in Dubai. It offers other food items also like sandwiches, pizza or stuffed saj.