Blue World City

How Appropriately Built a Tourist Society Is Blue World City?

The twin cities’ real estate industry is expanding quickly. People are becoming increasingly interested in housing societies, which are multiplying quickly as well. The most well-known of these civilizations is Blue World City. The society is situated near the Chakri Interchange on the major Chakri Road. There are numerous topics to cover while talking about the society, but in this piece, we’ll focus on how Blue World City was developed as a tourist destination.

Blue World City Overview

The first specifically designed tourist city in Islamabad, Blue World City is being created to world standards to boost tourism in the nation. According to an exclusive interview with the society’s creators, the goal of building this society is not only to promote tourism but also to strengthen the economic sector of the nation. We discovered that they are creating social copies of popular tourism attractions throughout the globe.

According to the developers, they are not only creating identical reproductions of these buildings, but also making modifications and attempting to provide superior ones. Blue World City will draw tourists to see these constructions inside the nation, just as people travel to other nations to enjoy these sights.

Developers and Owners

The Blue Group of Companies are the creators and owners of Blue World City. These projects are being developed by BGC and IGC as a joint venture. The owner of this society is Mr. Saad Nazir, and a Chinese corporation has been tasked with development. Another reason to handle the development job for a Chinese corporation is so that they may create a community with cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure.

The real estate industry has seen BGC before. They have successfully and diligently worked on a number of other projects. The reason society is gaining popularity so quickly is due to the creators. Thus, the main and primary cause of the growth of this tourist community in Islamabad is the ownership and development of Blue World City.

Blue Mosque Replica

Due to the emergence of top-notch infrastructure in society, Blue World City is the first intentionally constructed tourist city, as we have already explained. The construction of the Blue Mosque replica is the main draw. Given that the civilization lacks any other structures, it would be the Blue World City’s most recognizable building. Only a duplicate of this structure will be constructed, and more modern and intelligent elements will be included. Additionally, it may be found in the most modern Blue World city. The replica of the Blue Mosque’s main draws include:

  • Plush Finishing
  • 5-Star Hotel
  • Lavish Restaurant
  • Lavish Amenities

Blue World City Villaggio Mall

The construction of Villaggio mall in the Sports Valley Block is the most noticeable of all the Blue World City characteristics. Doha, Qatar, is where the original is located. Additionally, it may be found in the city’s greatest commercial area. Therefore, BWC developers are also building the same mall with the same size and more modern amenities in the finest Blue World City location.

You may find the following amenities in the BWC Villaggio Mall:

  • Shops
  • Parking
  • Brands
  • Playland for children
  • Lavish Dining

Torch Hotel

The developers intend to build a duplicate of the Doha Torch Hotel in Blue World City, similar to the Doha Villaggio Mall. Since the NOC for the Blue World City has been granted, developers are free to build any type of structure in a community with the greatest facilities. In the sports valley block, the torch hotel will also be built, and the mall’s facilities include:

  • Exquisite Dining
  • 5-Star resort
  • Panoramic 360° views

Building Al Arab

People go from all over the world to view the Burj Al Arab, one of Dubai’s most famous buildings. Because of this, the creators of Blue World City are working to create a framework that will enable them to realise their goals for creating the world’s first tourist city. People who have lived in the original Burj-Al-Arab have claimed that living in the Blue World City is an experience that cannot be compared to staying in any other hotel. Many people who reside there and use these opulent amenities consider it to be their ideal. As a result, BWC developers are currently striving to make their visions a reality.

The Largest Mascot Horses

The Horse mascots at BWC will be the largest in the world, rising 125 feet above the ground. Central Avenue will serve as an attraction for visitors to the excellent location itself. The residential areas and green grounds surrounding the Mascots will provide breathtaking views.

The project will have the following characteristics, among others:

  • food markets
  • art gallery

Water Theme Park

There will be modern security and entertainment features in the water-themed park. In close collaboration with Guangzhou Haisain Technology & Co. Ltd., it will be built. According to reports, this will occupy a space of around 70,000 square metres.

The water-themed park that is envisioned for BWC may include the following attractions:

  • Entertainment
  • 20 hot rides
  • Children play area
  • Adults play area

All of these buildings are what make Blue World City the first community created specifically with visitors in mind. The Blue World City payment plan is the most economical and sensible of all these complexes, with simple installments. Therefore, if you are interested in making an investment in this community, you must do so without delay. There are several opportunities for investment in our society.

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Final Note

You may now completely comprehend why Blue World City would increase tourism in the nation and how it will enhance its economic situation from the article. Ask the real estate agents about your investing alternatives if you still have any questions.