Calcium Supplements

How Can A Calcium Supplement Helps The Human Body?

Calcium is one of the most necessary minerals present in the human body. But it is also one of the minerals that the human body lacks. You may not realize this, but the presence of calcium can help your bones to stay strong. To know more about this, you must know that two percent of our body weight contains calcium. On the contrary, our bones and teeth have ample calcium, making it clear how much you need in your body. 

As we age, the calcium in our body starts to lack. That is why eating more calcium supplements is one of the best things to do. This article focuses on some of the critical benefits of calcium or calcium supplements. 

But before that, let’s find some natural calcium supplements.

What Are Some of The Natural Calcium Supplements You Should Eat?

If your age is between nineteen to fifty years, you should eat at least a thousand milligrams of calcium vitamins supplement. After fifty, you need twelve hundred milligrams of calcium per day. So, which calcium supplements should you consume to increase the calcium level in your body? Here is a list:

  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, any dairy product.
  • Broccoli
  • Any green vegetable
  • Navy beans
  • Sardines
  • Kale
  • Salmon
  • Tofu
  • Food grains
  • Fruit juice

Why Is Calcium So Beneficial in The Human Body?

Provides Stronger Bones

Calcium is directly attached to bone health. As we have mentioned previously, ninety-nine percent is made of calcium. That is why consuming calcium-rich food is essential to keep your bones intact. 

Your bones start becoming weak and brittle as you age. As a result, your bones may have the risk of fractures or, worse enough, breaking. Sometimes, fragile bones can cause osteoporosis or the loss of bone mass. 

Since women’s bodies become the most damaged during or after pregnancy, they are more prone to calcium deficiency. That is why calcium intake has become so essential. Men are not safe from problems due to a lack of calcium in the human body. So, they, too, should consume enough calcium-supplemented foods. 

Balances Weight

You might be wondering how calcium can help to lose weight. Well, it is not so. Calcium balances the body weight, not helps to lose weight. According to some studies, adults and kids who consume less calcium or no calcium supplements are likely to gain more weight than those who consume the same. 

So, as we mentioned, calcium does not help lose weight. But it helps to maintain a healthy weight, which is necessary to lead a healthy life. 

Transfers Nutrients to The Human Body

Calcium is not only effective for securing your bone health. Calcium with vitamins is also essential to maintain your entire body’s function. How? Because of calcium, your blood vessels can move the blood and nutrients to the rest of the body without any speed breaker. Consequently, your enzymes and hormones are positively affected, helping the body stay fit. 

Reduces The Premenstrual Syndrome

You might have thought that your premenstrual syndromes are nothing but simple habits of your body. But it is not so. Increased premenstrual symbols are the result of the lessening of calcium minerals in the human body. As a result, you can feel discomfort, fatigue, food cravings, etc. You can also feel your mood fluctuating and bloating. However, following a healthy diet can help you get less PMS syndrome and have normal and less uncomfortable menstruation every month. 

Supports Heart

Most people think calcium in vitamins does not contribute to their heart health and only supports the bones and teeth. But this is not the case. Calcium is directly associated with the process of pumping blood throughout the body. Consumption of enough calcium supplements can help the muscles with contraction to relax. This mineral also helps to maintain the pressure in arteries, maintaining healthy blood pressure in the human body. 

Simply put, you are less likely to get affected by severe heart diseases. As a result, you can have a healthy heart that is not prone to a heart attack. 

Solves DIgestion Problem

Calcium carbonate is similar to dietary supplements and antacids. In return, the antacids help relieve heartburn, any supposed indigestion issue, and a sour stomach. 

Maintains pH Level in The Human Body

Calcium supplements help provide help to maintain the alkaline and acid in the human body. Suppose you eat a lot of sweet drinks, cured meat, various sweets, processed food, etc. All these can hinder the absorption of nutrients and reduce your body’s growth. So, consider eating more calcium-rich foods to balance the pH level in your body and build an alkaline environment. 

Maintains High Blood Pressure

The consumption of calcium supplements can reduce blood pressure, reducing the risk of hypertension. However, not all research has found the same thing. But some reviews and research have observed small changes in systolic blood pressure. In short, eating calcium supplements can help you to stay away from the chronic disease called hypertension.

Lessen The Risk of Colon Cancer

Though some results are yet to be concluded, a lot of data suggest that calcium may help prevent the risk of the formation of colon cancer. Calcium supplements can affect the appearance of adenomatous polyps, which instigates the growth of colon cancer in the human body. Some research shows that the consumption of calcium supplements can provide some protection from this kind of polyp. 

But how much calcium should you eat per day? You should eat at least twelve hundred and fifty milligrams of calcium every day. It has reduced the risk of colon cancer in the human body by thirty-five percent.  


Preeclampsia is a condition where pregnant women face certain types of health issues. For instance: 

  • The presence of protein in the urine
  • High blood pressure
  • Swelling in the feet and hands. 

However, studies show calcium supplements can help pregnant women prevent preeclampsia. But for that, you need to eat at least a thousand milligrams of calcium-rich foods every day. It can also reduce the risk of premature birth.  


Although most of us know its necessity, we do not know how the human body can benefit from this. Besides helping your bones to stay strong, calcium supplements can help to balance the entire body’s function. So, we suggest you eat more calcium supplements or start eating them if you do not.