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Have you ever wondered how Youtube Views counts the number of views? If that’s the case, you’ll find what you’re about to read quite helpful.

Everyone who creates material appreciates having their YouTube videos viewed. This prompts individuals to occasionally attempt to manipulate their view numbers by viewing their movies several times or paying someone else to do so. Does this, however, work?

Determining the Amount of YouTube Views!

So, what is a YouTube view? Does a minimum time requirement exist before a view may be registered? Alternatively, does it count as a view if a user clicks on a video and the watch page loads?

In order for YouTube to register a view, a user must watch a video for at least 30 seconds. Watching a video for at least 30 seconds is required, however, viewers need not watch it nonstop.

Previously, a view was recorded when a user visited the watch page. However, many content makers utilized “clickbait” (inaccurate pictures and titles) to generate hits. Therefore, YouTube introduced the current 30-second rule.

Overall, the 30-second rule is superior to the previous page load rule. Consider: if a viewer sees a video for barely three seconds, did they genuinely watch it? YouTube does not believe this, which is why they developed the current method.

Do YouTube views of your videos count?

Have you ever wondered if YouTube counts the views you generate? After all, if you could watch your videos and have your views counted, wouldn’t it make it simpler to increase your viewership?

YouTube does track your personal views. However, there is a limit to the number of views recorded when you watch your recordings. Your films can only receive a maximum of three views. Therefore, if you watch a video you posted four times, only the first three views will count.

The reasoning behind this is intuitive. If YouTube recorded a view each time one of your videos was seen, you could watch your videos an infinite number of times to artificially inflate your view total.

Given this, you should avoid watching your videos too frequently. Your views will no longer increase after three iterations. Also, three views won’t make a significant difference in your videos’ performance, so don’t try to boost them by watching them all three times.

Does YouTube take repeat views into account?

You may question whether YouTube counts repeated views. After all, multiple viewings of films are commonplace among users. Wouldn’t this be detrimental to content creators if only one view is counted per viewer?

YouTube does count repeat views, but only to a certain extent. Every 24 hours, a maximum of four to five repeat views can be reported. Typically, only the first four or five times a video is viewed by the same user over a 24-hour period will be counted.

A single viewer is unlikely to view a video more than four or five times over 24 hours. So, it makes sense that no more than four or five points of view would be recorded and taken into account.

Finally, this cap will stop people from intentionally boosting their view counts. If every repeat view was counted, a content publisher may pay an individual to see their movies multiple times per day.

Does Reloading YouTube Increase Views?

At this point, you may be asking whether YouTube refreshes add views. This would make sense, given that many views can be recorded when the same movie is viewed multiple times.

YouTube does accumulate views when reloading a watch page. However, the video must be seen for a total of 30 seconds, and only five views per unique user every 24 hours will be recorded.

Essentially, the same rules apply as in other cases. A user can’t register more than four or five views of a video in 24 hours, regardless of how often the page is refreshed. In addition, the watch page of your videos cannot be refreshed to receive more than three views.

Remember that YouTube has gone to considerable pains to prevent falsely inflated view counts. One of the first steps they would have taken would have been to impose a limit on the number of page views recorded upon page refreshment.


You now understand what constitutes a YouTube watch. There is a maximum number of views that uploaders and viewers can contribute to a video. Nothing will work if you try to artificially increase your view counts.