How To Choose a Uniform for Football

How To Choose a Uniform for Football?

Football is a popular international spectacle. The game of your favorite teams attracts millions of fans from around the world to the stadiums. Football equipment has become a mandatory attribute that makes players recognizable on the field. Its creation is carried out by professional designers who carefully select colors – team business cards, and symbols. At the same time, the equipment and appearance must meet the general requirements.

What to look for when choosing a soccer jersey

When buying football equipment, you should pay attention to the weather conditions under which the game will take place. To do this, the player must have all kinds of clothes and shoes. The second important point is high-quality materials and comfort (carefully selected size). 

Next, we will talk about the requirements for football equipment, types, and composition.

General requirements for football equipment

In a professional football environment, uniforms are subject to strict requirements in terms of appearance and equipment. The rules relating to the length of the leggings – they must cover the shields. The uniform is sewn from the fabric of the traditional colors of the teams. The player’s number and surname are applied to the T-shirt and shorts. This trend emerged in the 1980s. The color of the goalkeeper’s uniform must be different from the outfit of the other team players, opponents, and referees. The kit includes gloves.

For teams, various types of football uniforms are being developed:

  • Main.
  • Spare.
  • Guestbook.

A spare is needed in case of problems with the main equipment. Away is intended for away matches. It has a brighter design, which makes the team attractive and noticeable.

Football kit

The standard set of football equipment includes:

  • T-shirt.
  • Shorts.
  • Gaiters.
  • Shields.
  • Boots.

The main requirement for all types of football uniforms is lightness and comfort.


The main element of the player’s football equipment is a short-sleeved T-shirt. The club emblem is applied on the front. On the back are the player’s number and last name. It is possible to apply the sponsor’s branding. Images and inscriptions are made using the technique of printing on fabric. The custom soccer jerseys are sewn from various types of fabrics, but professionals prefer models made of polyester or polyester with elastane. These materials do not hinder movement, absorb moisture well, and are easy to care for.


Another type of football uniform, related to the main ones – is shorts. They are sewn from the fabric of the main colors of the team. The player’s number is sometimes applied to the trouser leg. The shorts are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that do not restrict movement. The main requirement is that they should not slip during active movements and running. Some models may use mesh inserts or a well-ventilated lining.


To protect the legs when hit by the ball, leggings are included in the set of football equipment. They are made of dense elastic materials of various thicknesses, which fix the leg well and do not slip when moving. Professional athletes recommend the average. This choice allows you not to reduce sensitivity and absorb moisture well.


Shields are used to protecting the ankle from ball impacts. These devices are made of rubber or soft plastic. The inner space is filled with silicone. Shields are available in two types: reinforced and lightweight. The first provides maximum protection, and the second – is comfort.


In addition to clothing, the set of football equipment includes special shoes – boots. Their main task is to provide an excellent grip on the surface of the field. Boots are available with different types of soles. The choice depends on the type of coverage: hard, soft, grassy, ​​or wet (after rain). They differ in size, number, and arrangement of spikes. The most popular type of sole is multi-ground. For playing on the hard surface of the halls, boots without spikes are recommended.

Other types of equipment

In addition to the basic items of football equipment, athletes use shirts -fronts, long sleeves, windbreakers, sweatshirts, and trousers. These types of clothing are recommended for playing in the cold season.