wardrobe with mirrors

How To Choose a Wardrobe with Mirrors in 2023?

Every apartment has storage systems. However, if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room leaves much to be desired, then the owners must choose between the attractive appearance of the structure and its spaciousness. Cabinets with mirrored facades in the interior make it possible to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Today we will tell you about the main advantages of wardrobes with mirrors, about the features of choosing models for different rooms, and about how to decorate mirror surfaces.

Benefits of mirror cabinet fronts

Any light surfaces, glass, and mirror insert greatly facilitate the space. Therefore, mirrored cabinet fronts have several advantages compared to conventional ones:

  • Visually, they brighten the room, and make it larger, which is very beneficial for narrow or small rooms, as well as facing north.
  • This solution is very convenient for a bedroom or hallway: in principle, mirrors are needed in them, and preferably in full growth. The metro 2-door solid wood mirror wardrobe by palace imports replace the usual wall products, eliminating the need to purchase them.
  • Cabinets with mirrors fit into any style of interior – from classic to minimalist. The idea is quite simple: the reflection in the mirrors repeats other elements of the interior.

The only negative of mirrored surfaces is that they need regular maintenance to remove dust, fingerprints, or splashes, especially when it comes to a hallway headset. However, for ordinary facades it is often necessary to purchase a special agent, then it is enough to wipe the mirrors with a dry cloth after applying the glass agent to them. 
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Which cabinet model with mirrored facades to choose?

Cases happen case and built-in type. The first can be either bought ready-made in the furniture center or made to order according to individual sizes. The built-in storage system is made exclusively to order. Its main advantage is space saving since the product is usually mounted in a niche, corner, under the stairs, or in the entire wall from floor to ceiling. The main disadvantage is that it cannot be moved when moving.

In addition, the models differ in the type of door opening:

  • Swing wardrobes with mirrored facades are a classic piece of furniture. They do not have complex mechanisms that can break, so such products are cheaper than wardrobes. However, they are not suitable for narrow or small spaces, because free space must be provided for opening the doors.
  • Sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors can be placed almost close to the bed in the bedroom or placed even in a narrow corridor. If there is still enough room to pass. As a rule, most models with mirrors on the doors are of the compartment type.

In any case, the internal filling of cabinets can be different and depend on your needs. Moreover, you can find models in which one section will be a compartment, and the second one will be of a hinged type.

Which cabinets with mirrors are suitable for different rooms?

The interior of different rooms requires, accordingly, different designs. Consider how to fit wardrobes with mirrors into rooms, depending on their purpose.

Wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

Hallways in apartments of a typical layout usually have small dimensions, so they do not buy a large storage system for them. It will be quite difficult to place a cabinet of ordinary sizes at the end of the room, which is why they are most often installed along a long wall. At the same time, the product has a shallow depth: narrow wardrobes with mirrored facades in this regard fit perfectly into the entrance area.

Wardrobe with mirror facades for the living room

The living room is most often the largest room in the apartment, so using wardrobe mirrors for the visual effect of increasing space simply does not make sense here. However, you can purchase a model with embossed or slightly opaque glass: this way you will get an additional decorative interior decoration.

Wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom

Not everyone is satisfied with the placement of a wardrobe with mirrors in the relaxation room. Some do not buy them out of superstition (it is believed that such models should not be placed in front of a door or bed), and others are simply uncomfortable seeing a large dark reflection opposite in the dark. 

If you are not a superstitious person, then wardrobes with mirrored doors to the bedroom are worth buying for a visual effect, since most rooms usually do not have a large area. And you can place them on the side of the bed or slightly away from it.