Best Wrestling Shoes

How To Choose The Best Wrestling Shoes In 2023

When it comes to wrestling, similar to track or basketball, shoes are one of the most crucial aspects of the uniform. No other pieces of gear, like mouthguards, headgear, or singlets, are going to affect your game performance as much as your shoes. But how do you choose the best wrestling shoes for your game? 

There are a lot of wrestling shoe brands to choose from, all claiming to provide the best product. In this blog boat, we bring some factors to consider whether you are buying your first pair of wrestling shoes or buying for your next wrestling. Rudis wrestling shoes are made by wrestlers for wrestlers. All of their shoes provide an excellent grip while maintaining superior comfort. To save big on the best quality wrestling shoes, you need to apply the RUDIS Wrestling Gear Coupon Code

Factors to consider when buying wrestling shoes

1. How Much Do They Cost?

The first thing to consider before buying wrestling shoes is the price range. The cost of wrestling shoes can greatly vary depending on the brand. However, it is possible to find a decent pair of wrestling shoes starting at just $50. For high-end pairs, you’ll probably be splurging at least $200. In most cases, the more costly the shoe is, the better the quality will be.

But, if you are new to the wrestling world, you should not consider buying the most expensive shoes available on the market. Getting a pair of cost-effective wrestling shoes to begin is a wise decision. This will allow you to understand what you like in a wrestling shoe, and as you advance in the sport, you can upgrade them. 

2. How Do They Fit?

When buying wrestling shoes, make sure they feel comfortable on your feet. While the fit of a shoe is a personal preference, most wrestlers say they prefer a snug fit. A snug shoe will provide a better grip to help avoid any accidental slips. Additionally, own a pair of wrestling shoes that aren’t distracting or bothering you during the sport. A close-fitting shoe is one you can put on and forget about. By doing this, you can focus on perfecting your skills and conquering your opponent. Remember, your wrestling shoes are snug but not so tight as they become uncomfortable.

3. Are They Too Heavy?

You don’t wish your shoes to be weighing you down. Therefore it is important to find a pair of wrestling shoes that are as light as possible. When you are trying on new shoes, make sure to take a walk around and check whether the shoes aren’t adding extra weight to your feet that could become problematic during a match.

4. Are the wrestling shoes flexible enough? 

Hardened wrestling shoes will not do any favors for you. Keeping in mind flexibility is key in assisting you in the wrestling ring without getting in your way. When trying on a new pair of shoes, make some lunges, try the plank position, and bend the shoes in all possible directions you can. Make sure there is no tightness in the shoes that would get in your way during the match.

How To Choose The Best Wrestling Shoes In 2023

5. Do They Have Ankle Support?

Ankle support can be challenging. For wrestling, you will need a shoe that will support your ankles firmly and help you from injuries. At the same time, you also don’t require so much support that your ankles become stiff and are not able to move. You will learn to determine ankle support by trying on different pairs of shoes. Make sure your ankles feel comfortable and secure in the shoes you buy.

6. Check Whether Wrestling Shoes Have Solid Traction

A sole grip is necessary for good wrestling shoes. If there is no traction in the outsole, you will slip on the mat and won’t have any control during the sport. To detect a solid sole grip, simply see if your wrestling shoes slide on the floor. Lean your weight into the wall and check out if your shoes begin to slip. If they do not, they might be the highest quality wrestling shoes.  

7. Split Sole versus Unisole

To differentiate between a split sole and a unisole shoe, look at the outside sole. If the shoe has a solid sole from the toe to the heel, it is referred to as a unisole. If the shoe’s sole has a split between the heel and the toe, it is a split sole. There is no wrong when it comes to the two. It is entirely up to one’s personal preference. Unisoles are well known for providing a better grip. On the contrary, the split sole has space in the center of the shoe; they deliver a greater range of flexibility. Choose your sole for wrestling shoes based on your preference or skill set. 


Whether you are buying your first or fifth pair of wrestling shoes, determining what makes a great shoe is key to success in the wrestling ring. Once you have chosen the best shoes for you according to your skill level and budget, you will get comfortable support on the wrestling mat.  

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