How to Draw Donuts? – HS Boots Kitchen Appliances Discount Code

This experience shares the drawing method of donuts, let’s take a look at it together NHS Boots Kitchen Appliances Discount Code.


  • drawing paper
  • brush


  1. First we draw a line that curves upwards.
  2. Then draw downward curved lines to form the inner shape of the donut.
  3. Then draw the outer outline of a circle of donuts outward.
  4. Continue to draw the jam portion on top of the donut with lines.
  5. Use small triangles to draw the nuts on top of the donut, and draw a donut of the same shape on one side.
  6. Then draw small strips of nuts on top.
  7. Finally, paint the donuts with color.

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How to make donuts

Put the prepared flour into a bowl, beat in eggs and milk and knead the dough into a donut shape. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the prepared donuts until golden on both sides.


  • 300g flour
  • White sugar 15g
  • Yeast powder 50g

flour in a bowl

Add an appropriate amount of flour, an appropriate amount of yeast powder, and an appropriate amount of white sugar into the bowl, and beat an egg.

knead the dough

Add an appropriate amount of milk, mix them well and knead them into a dough, then cut them into pieces and make them into small cakes.

Make donuts

Poke a hole in the dough with your fingers, then shake it a few times to make a donut shape, and add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan.  Gourmet Burger Kitchen – GBK Discount Code NHS


After the oil is hot, put the donuts and fry them. Fry the donuts until golden on both sides, then you can take them out of the pan and put them on a plate.

Simple strokes of donuts

Black outline pen, white paper, colored pens


  1. Draw a wavy semicircle shape
  2. Draw a semicircle below
  3. Draw a slightly larger semicircle below the semicircle
  4. Adding texture details to the donut
  5. Paint the donuts with your favorite color, and in this way, the stick figure of the donuts is ready

Donuts how to make donuts

Donuts are a food that many friends like to eat. It is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value. Do you know how to make donuts? Today I will share my experience with you, hoping to help you.

Chocolate Donuts

I often see that in European and American dramas, people eat donuts every day, which seem to be delicious, so I bought a box of donuts from the supermarket. I didn’t think so, but my son loved them so much~ So I went to the kitchen to make sweets Donuts, satisfy the little glutton of my foodie son


  1. After the milk is heated, pour in the dry yeast powder and stir well.
  2. Put rock sugar in the milk to melt, you can also put white sugar.
  3. Beat the eggs into the flour, pour in the milk, drop in 10 grams of cooking oil, and start kneading the dough.
  4. After the dough is reconciled, put it in a warm and dry place to ferment for half an hour to an hour.
  5. The well-proven dough has air bubbles and a slightly sour taste.
  6. After the dough is taken out, knead it into a long strip and pull it into a dough.
  7. The dough is flattened, a hole is cut in the middle, and it is pinched into a circle shape.
  8. The donut dough is ready, and it must be uniform in size, so that it is easy to cook and has a beautiful shape.
  9. Add cooking oil to the pot, heat it to 70% heat, put the doughnuts into the dough, and fry them on medium heat.
  10. Remember to turn over frequently, and fry until golden brown on both sides.
  11. Put the fried donuts on a plate, so they are edible, because sugar has been added, so they are sweet Boots Kitchen Appliances Discount Code NHS.
  12. If you like a sweeter taste, drizzle chocolate-flavored condensed milk on top of the donuts for an even better taste.


  • Donuts are fried foods, so it is not advisable to eat too much, and it is easy to get fat.
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