How To Draw Santa Claus Easy Drawing | Easy Drawing Tutorial

How To Draw Santa Claus Easy Drawing | Easy Drawing Tutorial

Easy Drawing Santa Claus is a fictitious character who is rumoured to sneak into homes on Christmas Eve and leave the children’s presents. It is said that he travels the globe in a sleigh drawn by reindeer during the Christmas season.

Easy Drawing Due to Santa Claus’ amazing popularity, there is a huge demand for Santa Claus drawing instruction. We gave it to you as soon as you requested it. Finally, we have created a tutorial that will teach you how to draw Santa Claus in only 9 simple steps.

Simple Christmas Drawing

Following these guidelines, you may draw a Santa Claus that is animated or realistic-looking. You can use the clear illustrations provided for each step as a visual aid while following the instructions.

You will have no trouble following these instructions regardless of how well you draw. You can also add your flair and improvise at any stage.

Use whatever colour scheme you like to make your artwork unique and stand out. Give your imagination free rein and let your creativity flow. Enjoy yourself, and use your creativity!

Drawing a Santa Claus step-by-step


  • Draw a perfect circle in the centre of the top portion of your paper.
  • Don’t be concerned if you struggle to draw a perfect circle freehand. A compass is a tool for drawing that you may use to quickly and accurately create a circle.
  • Draw horizontal and vertical lines across the page to act as reference lines and ensure that the outline is put precisely in the centre of the paper. The circle should be drawn on the vertical line immediately above the horizontal line.


  • A drawing of Santa Claus’ ears.
  • Draw a half-circle on each side of the face’s outline. Santa Claus’ ears are those.
  • Make sure the ears are drawn identically and at the same height. You can utilise reference lines on the face to ensure the ears are positioned appropriately.


  • Draw the Special Face Features.
  • Draw a Christmas hat over Santa Claus’ head like in the illustration.
  • Draw a moustache in the middle of the face, directly beneath the nose’s curved line. Draw long, wavy, curving lines at the base of his face to resemble a big, fluffy beard.


  • Next, sketch the torso or upper body.
  • Santa Claus’s upper body needs to be hidden under his beard.
  • Since Santa Claus is naturally on the larger side, it makes the physique fat.


  • Draw the jacket hem
  • You may make the hem of Santa Claus’ jacket by sketching a rectangle with an outline that matches the edge of the clothing.


  • Draw Santa Claus’ legs.
  • Draw two diagonal lines inclined in the same direction for each leg. An oval shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom is required for the legs.
  • The next step is to cuff the bottom of each leg. Maintain straight, proportional legs.


  • Draw the belt and shoes.
  • Over the middle of the torso, draw a wide belt. Then slide the shoes beneath the sleeve of each leg.


  • Draw Santa Claus’ arms.
  • To portray Santa Claus’ arms, draw two upward diagonal lines with a cuff at the bottom on either side of the chest. Then, lower the gloved hands so that they are below the cuff.
  • The artwork shows Santa Claus’ arms raised in the air. You can move your arms in any direction you like or draw them in the same direction.


  • Include Santa Claus’s facial traits.
  • Now that we’ve drawn Santa Claus’ full torso, it’s time to give him facial features so he may have a facial expression.
  • Outline his big eyebrows first. Immediately below the brows, sketch two little oval shapes for the eyes. Keep the eyes covered, but expose a teeny dot. For the flushing effect, don’t forget to draw an oval shape on each cheek in a sideways orientation.
  • As you can see above, the sketch of Santa Claus is almost finished! Just a little of varied colours will do to finish your piece!
  • The most enjoyable part is still colouring in your wonderful image. Here is where you may show off your artistic prowess and colour-combination skills.
  • Santa Claus has hair, a moustache, and a white beard. His lack of melanin and not being elderly is why his hair is seen as transparent rather than dark. He also frequently dons a red and white furry Christmas suit.

Three more suggestions to make your Santa Claus drawing easier!

  • Use these tips to make drawing much easier while enjoying the Christmas season!
  • Santa Claus is usually portrayed donning a red and white suit, although having many different interpretations in many different nations.
  • Our first advice is to draw inspiration from many representations of Santa Claus.
  • Santa Claus images may be seen all around, especially around Christmas time!
  • By looking at these representations or finding ones online, you can find various interpretations of this scene.