If you look at the list of the world’s largest corporations

If you look at the list of the world’s largest corporations, you will see that only about a handful of them use catalytic converters. Many companies have decided not to buy them. Some people say that if we don’t use the catalytic converters, it would reduce the number of deaths from air pollution.

I believe this. If we stopped using catalytic converters, then more pollutants would build up in the air. In addition to the exhaust fumes, air pollution from diesel engines Catalytic Recycling emits nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. Nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of smog.

Diesel engines emit nitrogen oxides at a rate much higher than gasoline engines. This has led some people to call for a total ban on the manufacture and use of diesel vehicles. Most diesel engine manufacturers have responded to the growing environmental concern by increasing the efficiency of their engines.