Nag Tibba trek

Nag Tibba Trek – Best Trek in India

Nag Tibba trek from Delhi is only a 4 day hike which makes it a stylish weekend journey. Along with that, this place offers some of the stylish camping locales as the trail of this journey passes through thick timber and takes you to a veritably solitude position with no habitation. Though the total journey distance to Nag Tibba trek is 20 km yet the difficult position is regarded as easy for newcomers or people with average fitness can fluently survive throughout. 

 This journey has a veritably unique trail as you go over one side of the mountain and come down from another side and in between this you get to witness a variety of geographies like walking through thick timbers, alongside clearings and lake, also crest walks. It’s one of the stylish weekend treks to cover as it’s the most ideal journey from Delhi and Dehradun. This journey is notorious for its spell bounding evenings. Since it’s a four- day journey, it’s a veritably great option for those who are office going people and so have many days with them. The journey is especially good as you’ll find snow on the veritably first day of the journey. 

 Delhi to Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi is a 4 day journey. And the diary goes like this: 

 Day 1 Drive from Delhi to Dehradun. Start your trip at night. It’s around 257 kms which takes 5- 6 hours. 

 Day 2 Dehradun to Pantwari. It’s a 99 kms drive which takes 4- 5 Hours. We at Mountain give you lunch at our sleepover, followed by a 7 kms journey to Nag Tibba Temple campground. Regale is served at the campground by us. 

 Day 3 After breakfast, journey from Nag Tibba tabernacle campground to the peak which is a 3 kms journey. Returning to Pantwari is a 10 kms journey from Nag Tibba peak. Lunch on the way and reach Dehradun from Pantwari by the evening. 

 Day 4 Drive from Dehradun to Delhi. Start the trip at night and reach Delhi by morning. 

 Nag Tibba Trek is accessible from Delhi and is well connected if you’re looking for original commutes like motorcars and hired taxicabs. 

BestTime To Visit Nag Tibba 

 Though Nag Tibba journey can be done through all the seasons the stylish time to do Nag Tibba journey is the downtime season when the trail is all covered in snow. 

 Nag Tibba in Summers 

 The summer season means that the temperature would be much further suitable for touring and the views would be affable. The summer season from April to June you’ll get to experience a cool breath blowing all the time to console you. The thick timber cover provides acceptable shade, and you can also rest near sources of natural water. 

 Since the journey is easy, you wo n’t feel important heat. In fact, you ’ll be suitable to catch mesmerising views of the Himalayas with clear skies. You’ll also be suitable to spot Himalayan Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, and other similar creatures. Since these brutes are living in their natural niche, they generally do n’t bother pedestrians, and also keep a distance from the enthusiastic crowds. 

 Also, Nag Tibba in summers don’t bear any heavy woollen apparel but as a safety measure, you should carry some light woollen clothes in case the night becomes cold. Allthrough, you’ll be able to see snow- covered Himalayas at a distance. 

 Nag Tibba in Monsoon

 Though thunderstorms might not sound a good idea for touring yet during this season the entire region gets a new parcel of life. You’ll catch mesmerising views of the Doon vale. The thunderstorm season from July to October you’ll get to see lush verdure and infectious views. You can watch heavy downfall while belting your coffee in a small cabin. The thunderstorm season welcomes you with the muddy and slippery trail and you’ll have to take a lot of precautions and carry high quality touring gear, footwear, and outfit. 

 The Himalayan mountains will still be visible yet be covered with drops all throughout. Due to heavy rains, there can be landslides that can affect the blockage of the roads and business, yet the views that Nag Tibba trek offers during thunderstorms are stirring and worth taking a threat for. Don’t forget to carry your mackintoshes and screens. 

 Nag Tibba in Winter 

 Out of all the 12 months in a time the stylish time to visit Nag Tibba is from October to March. still Nag Tibba temperature will drop at night and you need to be redundant conservative. The peace that this vale offers you along with beautiful snowfall is really worth its value. Though layoffs are indurating and the temperature goes down to great extents yet the solitariness and serenity offered by Nag Tibba during layoffs are worth it. Carrying heavy woollen apparel becomes a necessity.