Pepper Nutrition and effectiveness for the human body

Pepper Nutrition and effectiveness for the man’s body

Pepper is the king of spices.

 It is a climbing plant of the genus Piperaceae, and it was precious and expensive as it was used as a medicine and currency long ago. Just sprinkling salt and pepper in any dish will add a lot of flavors and tighten the taste.

 However, few people know in detail about the nutritional components of pepper and its health benefits, even though it is found in every household. It is used every day, so be sure to use it correctly and for your health. Your well-being is vital to your body. erection problem solve use: Aurogra 100 And Vidalista 40.

Many people think of black pepper when they hear it, but it is the most popular black pepper. However, there are also white, blue, and red pepper.

Black pepper (black pepper)

This black pepper is used exclusively for meat dishes.

Green pepper (green pepper)

Those that do not ferment green fruits before ripeness.

 It has a refreshing flavor and almost no pungency, so it is often used as a color rather than seasoning.

White pepper (white pepper)

Peeled ripe red fruit.

 It has a soft flavor and goes well with fish dishes. Also, because it is not colored, it is often used to finish words.

Red pepper (pink pepper)

Ripe red fruits that do not peel.

 It has a mild flavor and is not spicy, so it is often used for coloring like green pepper.

In addition, there is also a long pepper that is a member of pepper and has a flavor and spiciness.

 There is also a seasoning called yuzu pepper, a mixture of yuzu and chili peppers, regardless of pepper.

Origin and origin of pepper

The origin of pepper, one of the spices, is said to be on the Malabar coast in southwestern India. It spread to Southeast Asia, including the Malaysia Peninsula, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. Super p force And Tadacip 20 to improve ed.

It was once used as a medicine in India, but around the 1st century BC, it was considered one of the typical spices indispensable for eating habits.

While trade is a valuable trade item, pepper is a major trade-demanding item in history and was sometimes used as a substitute for money in the Middle Ages of Europe. Pepper, one of the spices that originated in India, was introduced to the west by Muslim merchants (Islamic), Italian merchants, and Greek merchants and brought to Europe. In Europe, where the predatory culture was the mainstream, the demand for spices increased, and pepper was a typical spice traded at a high price.

Is the pepper itself nutritious?

 However, since pepper is used as a seasoning in an appropriate amount, we cannot expect excessive nutritional components.

Pepper calories

Since pepper is used only in an appropriate amount as a secondary ingredient in cooking, the nutritional effect of the dietary components of pepper cannot be expected to be great.

· Black pepper: 364 kcal

· White pepper: 378kcal

· Mixed powder: 371kcal

Pepper for good health! There was such an effect and effect.

Effective for improving anemia due to sweating action!

Pepper has a sweating and diuretic effect, which leads to the excretion of toxins in the body and is expected to have a detoxifying effect.

 Not only that, but it will also

anemia by expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Make your gastrointestinal health! Also effective for digestion and absorption

Pepper has the function of promoting appetite and

the digestive process.

 Specifically, it is effective for loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal distension, nausea, diarrhea, and a weak stomach. It also discharges the gas that has accumulated in the intestines.

Five birds with one stone! Bactericidal, antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic, insect repellent effect

 It also includes an anodyne result so that it will reach in handy in case of a sudden toothache or abdominal pain.

 Furthermore, it seems to be all-purpose, as it can be expected to have an anti-cancer effect due to its antioxidant effect.

Also effective for beauty! Pepper diet

Pepper vessels to blood circulation and also has the effect of stimulating the sympathetic nerves.

 This improves metabolism, raises body temperature, and makes the body easier to lose weight, so it is said to be effective for dieting.

Effective use of pepper

Pepper is generally sold in two types: whole and powder.

 The powder is overwhelmingly easier to use, but powdered pepper has a fragrance that is easy to fly, and the flavor is quickly lost.

 Therefore, if possible, buy a hole-shaped one and use a pepper mill to grind it when using it.

Choose pepper by cooking.

Each type of pepper has its characteristics. Therefore, it’s good to choose the right one, such as black pepper for meat dishes and white pepper for fish dishes.

 In some cases, it is also effective to use appearance as a criterion, such as using white pepper when you do not want to add too much color.