Repair Services Provided at Cell Phone Repair Stores in Winnipeg

Did you know? A cell phone is owned by 88% of Canadians on average. The cell phone industry has completely changed what it means to have portable technology. What computers could perform earlier seems little compared to a phone. The fact that around 71% of Canadians have a damaged cell phone with a broken screen is even more interesting. Yes, almost every home is in that condition. When something like this happens, we always head straight to a competent cell phone repair store in our area.  Therefore, the repair industry is also expanding quickly!

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Services You Can Get From Cell Phone Repair Stores

Before you send them your phone for repairs, do your research and ask questions about the shop, customer service, workplace culture, the legitimacy of replacement components, and their experience in the industry.

The majority of cell phone repair stores in Winnipeg offer the following services:

Phone Screen Damage Repairs

If your smartphone, laptop, or iPad screen is broken, you can bring it to a cell phone repair shop. Experts will remove the broken glass safely without endangering any internal components. The professionals will then swap out the old display for a brand-new, genuine one to provide you with the greatest screen accuracy and colour.

Repair for Water Damage

Did you accidentally drop water on your smartphone, or did it go swimming? Don’t panic; cell phone repair experts can often repair such damage. Many modern smartphones include dust and water protection as their IP classification. They are still not waterproof, despite what has been said.

Just send your smartphone to the local cell phone repair store, where qualified technicians will thoroughly dry it off, repair any damage, and check the phone before giving it back.

Speaker Damage Repairs

There are two ways that speakers might get damaged.

Impact or water damage.

In either case, the repairman will take the device apart to access the speaker unit, check for issues, and quickly fix them. They have replacement units available for you if the damage is too severe to be repaired. Your device is returned to you as new after undergoing a few tests.

Battery Damage Repairs

One of the most common kinds of damage and among the most frequent ones at cell phone repair stores is damaged battery repairs.

Because of overcharging, lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their charge. It could be time to replace the phone’s battery if you are always tied to a wall outlet. To get a new battery replacement for your smartphone or tablet so you may use it anywhere, go to a nearby cell phone repair store.

Repairing Damaged Charging Port

Most people are impatient and irresponsible whenever it comes to charging electronics. Devices that are wrongly plugged in and out—with the wrong adapters and, more importantly, in the wrong ways—don’t charge as quickly as they should.

Experts warn against attempting to fix charging ports at home since the sensitive pins could become further damaged. Visit a nearby cell phone repair store instead, and get the professional help your phone needs.

To Wrap it Up

As you can see, Winnipeg-based cell phone repair stores provide a broad range of services. You just need to be aware of what needs to be done. If you have broken your phone and must give it to someone else to repair it, it makes sense to be concerned. This means that the first step in establishing trust is understanding your preferred repair business. Research the store’s services, policies, culture, and previous customer experiences before visiting.

Your Go-To Cell Phone Repair Store in Winnipeg

You can avoid the headache of attempting to do it yourself by hiring qualified, licensed, and registered repair personnel. For example, professionals at APEX Mobile in Winnipeg will help you if you have any tech-related issues.


Should I replace the phone’s screen myself?

Although a DIY repair kit is available, changing the panel involves using specialist tools that the typical homeowner is unlikely to have. What if the replacement wasn’t performed properly? If that happens, your smartphone can be seriously damaged, and you might end up having to purchase a new one.

How Am I Supposed To Know If the Replaced Screen Is Original?

A real one and a fake one are very different from one another. Although the replica will have a barcode, the original will have a spectacular high-resolution display. The fake one will have poor display qualities and device incompatibility. It will also be easier to break or damage.