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Strategies to Achieve a 9 on the IELTS Listening Exam

Your listening abilities, understanding ability and concentration are tested in the IELTS listening section. It is the high-scoring section of the test and one can easily ace it by paying attention to even little details while preparing for the exam. The majority of the students find it the easiest section but still can’t achieve more than 6 bands in it. Do you know why it happens? It is because they take this section lightly and don’t practice much. 

So, to let the IELTS test takers achieve a 9 band score in IELTS listening, we have written this article and disclosed the best tip that will surely help them out. The best thing is, all the tips are true and tried by a number of students who got desirable band scores on their first attempt. However, if you want to get proper coaching from a trainer at the institute, you can look for a marvelous coaching platform on Search India

Here are the eminent tips to achieve a 9 band score in IELTS listening: 

Know the format 

First, get details about the structure of the listening section. For your ease, we want to inform you that the IELTS listening section consists of 40 questions. The questions are not of the same type. There are fill-ups, MCQs, maps, complete sentences, and matchings.  Moreover, the time duration to complete this task is just 40 minutes. It means you have to solve 40 questions in 40 minutes and to do it perfectly, you have to focus entirely on the task. Note that you will hear the recordings only once. If you skip something, you won’t be able to listen to it again. So, be focused while attempting the exam to answer every single question perfectly. 

Understand some crucial details 

Now, you have all the details of the exam format, then what are the other crucial details? The other details include the knowledge of skills that will be tested in the IELTS listening section. Moreover, it includes getting details of whether you will get some additional time to transfer your answers on the sheet or you have to directly write answers on the answer sheet. Afterward, get details of whether you have to write with a pen or a pencil. Know whether you have to write in capital letters only or you can write in lowercase as well. This way, you can start your practice following all the rules and regulations of the exam for better preparation. 

Practice more 

Remember that you have to be an active listener to solve every question perfectly in the exam. For this, you have to do enormous practice and that too on a regular basis. So, make a habit of listening to English every day in the form of songs, podcasts, and dialogues in movies and TV shows. Don’t try to turn on the captions because doing so will make you more attentive while listening to the audio. Hence, you will be able to grasp the audio even though different English accents are used in the audio. 

Once you think that you are now able to understand the audio, start solving listening practice tests to upgrade your performance as well as listening skills. Make sure to solve the test as per guidelines and never try to pause the audio in between while solving the test in order to get a full experience of the actual exam. Well, make sure to stay calm while solving tests to attain better concentration. 

Enhance your vocabulary 

If you think that audio would be straightforward just as questions are given in the question paper, it is never going to happen. Remember that synonyms would be used in the audio and you can only identify them if you have a rich vocabulary. Therefore, enhance your vocabulary by learning at least 5 new words everyday along with their correct meanings and synonyms. With a wide range of vocabulary, you will be able to comprehend and grasp the audio by listening to it just one time. This will help you stay away from traps as well and you can jot down the appropriate answer. 

Transfer your answers carefully 

As you will be given 10 minutes to transfer 40 answers onto the sheet, don’t rush and do this task carefully and patiently. Otherwise, you may make some blunders that can impact your scores. Apart from it, make sure to follow the guidelines while transferring your answers. For instance, if the question demands a one-word answer, make sure you are following the rule. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, we assure you that these tips will help you achieve a 9 band score in IELTS listening if followed carefully. So, follow every tip sequentially to enhance your listening abilities and accomplish your aim of getting a 9 in IELTS listening.