Car Transmission Service

Symptoms And Importance Of Having A Car Transmission Service

There is a general tendency to feel lethargic for going to a car servicing. A really small number of people service their car in a scheduled manner and others just ignore until anything goes wrong. A regular car servicing keeps your car’s health in a good condition and provides you a hassle free ride every time. One most important component in your car is the transmission and you must have a regular car transmission service to keep your car roadworthy.

A car transmission service is a vital part of your car. It transmits the power to the wheels of your vehicle by means of a variety of gears. Transmission fluid and filter are also essential components that help keep your car running smoothly.

Lack of maintenance can lead to problems like overheating, lack of power and slippage. These dangers can cause excessive wear on critical parts like engine valves, pistons and bearings, which may lead to costly repair bills and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

How often should you have the car transmission service?

It is important to check the condition of your car transmission whenever you have gone for a car servicing. But sometimes, you might have the need for a separate car transmission service if it is an emergency. Due to regular wears and tears your car accumulates dirt and foreign particles in the parts of the engine. As a result, the transmission oil gets affected and becomes dirty. The vents and the pipes get blocked sometimes. In this case, you can simply clean the transmission and change the fuels of your car.

Almost all the modern cars ensures lifetime guarantee of the transmission. With the quotation ‘filled for life’ they claim to not have any problems with transmission. But, in most of the cases it fails, especially, when you use the car on a regular basis. So, whether the automobile company gives you guarantee or not, you must have a car transmission service regularly.

In car service experts’ advice, whatever the mechanism your car has or how modern it is, the car transmissions must be checked and serviced annually.

Symptoms that indicate you should have a car transmission service:

Bellow there are listed some symptoms that will indicate you it is the time to check your car transmission. Finding any of these symptoms you must take your car for a transmission service.

1. The car is not moving smoothly. You can feel it while driving.
2. Gears are not shifting smoothly.
3. It is taking linger time than usual to change gears.
4. Strange sound in coming out of the engine.
5. You can also have some wired smell coming from the engine.
6. Your car may shake during changing gears.
7. Sleeping gears is also a common symptom.
8. You can sometimes find that the gears are not working at all.
9. The lights that get on with the transmission power are not working.
10. Sometimes fuel can leak out of the car and this is also a common symptom.

Why it is important to have car transmission service?

The transmission of your car is a vital part. It is also known as gearbox. To run properly in a smooth and safe way, the wheels of the car need power and that power comes from the engine. The transmission plays the main role in it. It acts as a medium that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels via the systems of gears. You control the power of wheel by changing gears. So, you cannot change the gears with a faulty transmission system and it can lead to major road accidents. Having a regular car transmission service is very important, as it can save your life.

The work of the transmission is to deliver a torque from the engine to the wheels of a vehicle.

Although it is not as complex as an engine in terms of design, it performs several tasks that are crucial for a vehicle.

Some people do not know how much importance car transmission service has in maintaining the life and longevity of our vehicle, so they don’t visit car transmission service centers.


We hope you have understood the importance of having a service of your car’s transmission. You have to just ensure that you are servicing it from a reputed service provider who has enough knowledge about this part to get the best result. You can search for such transmission services online and choose the best one based on their reviews.