These 10 Free Online Word Games Spell Fun When You’re Bored

Are you bored during your coffee break? Or do you need to add some excitement to your lunch break? What about playing online free word games for some enjoyment? These fun games provide a wide range of different types of word games, from the classic to the comical.

Today’s wordle

Today’s Wordle answer isn’t too taxing, even if The NYT’s WordleBot tool reckons that I finished 0.2 over par. According to the site, it takes the average player 3.8 steps to complete Wordle #470, and I ended up with four on the nose. Not too bad, but it’s never nice to be below average so hopefully you can avoid having a similar off day.

1. Word Zen

If a restful break from your day is exactly what you’re seeking and you’re looking for a relaxing break, the Word Zen is the game for you. This clever challenge by Big Fish Games is a combination of mahjong and words. Instead of making mahjong-like tiles the player removes tiles by making words. However, just like mahjong you are only able to utilize tiles that aren’t bound by other tiles.

2. Wild West Hangman

Are you ready to get your hands on a ‘rootin the game of hangman? If yes, MindGames has you covered with Wild West Hangman. Select a topic like sports, countries or animals, or food. Then, use the alphabet to create a word that corresponds to the topic you picked.

3. Word Bird

Bird is the name of the gamethe word game that is. In contrast to the lyric of The Trashmen’s 1963 single , Surfin Bird This is a great word search game. Word Bird offers the classic game of word search with a wide range of categories available.

4. Word Wipe

Aside from Great Day Games comes an incredible puzzler known as Word Wipe. As with other online free word games, the goal is to come up with words. What’s unique about this one is that the goal is to eliminate lines of tiles by forming these words.

5. Text Twist 2

Are you ready to make the twist? The text Twist 2 is a great test of your word-making abilities. With only a short time make the most words possible using the letters displayed. In the middle of each game you will determine the number of words you can create and the amount of letters that are in each.

6. Word Bites

If you’re a fan of free online word games that incorporate pieces of other puzzle games snack at Word Bites when you’re bored. It starts with a vibrant game board that you move the letter tiles around to form words. To win, you have to utilize the amount of colored tiles to reach the goal. You also have a restricted number of options.

7. Wordz!

If you want something new in a word game take a look at Wordz! From Big Fish games. In this game you have to swap letters to make words. Only one option and as you progress across the various levels, your difficulty gradually grows.

8. 7 Words

You might have heard of 7 Words or played it on your mobile. If you like the game or wish to play it to the very first time HTML5 Games host it in the online. There are seven clues to solve on top, with the blocks of letters on the bottom. Each clue will show you the number of letters you must solve using just one word.

9. Word Craft

Goblins, ghosts and witches appear throughout the year and not only at Halloween. Word Craft is a game that lets you create as many words as you can by using the letters that are shown. The trick is to must create words within the given time and not let the letters get to the top. The bubbling cauldron will continue sending letters to you.

The stars can be used to choose a vowel similar to the wild card. Additionally, if you discover that Magic Word shown at the top of the page, you can get rid of certain letters from your path. Word Craft can be a great game, and is ideal for times those with just a few minutes online to spend.

10. Sheffer Crossword

Do not worry about crossword puzzle lovers there’s a free online word game too. Sheffer Crossword has a brand daily challenge which means you can return to games you’ve missed or go back to the place you have left off.

Click on the first letter in an expression to view what the word means, and then click on the second letter to reveal the clue for down. You can then use your keyboard to type in the letters. It is also possible to scroll through the entire clues, so when you find one that you already know the answer to then you can simply click this on the puzzle board. For those who love crossword puzzles, Sheffer Crossword is a excellent online option. see our latest article facebook touch