Tips for Planning a Private Parties……………..

Private Parties can be planned for almost any reason people get together to celebrate. One of the most common reasons for planning a party is a milestone birthday. Organized group award ceremonies such as Sweet Sixteen and Lodge.


Large spaces for setting up tables and chairs, entertaining and serving food are popular and easily accessible in most metropolitan areas. Private Parties held at venues offer the convenience of accommodating large groups without the cleaning and space requirements of residential gatherings. Private parties vary in size. If you are looking for a larger venue, please visit our Favorite Calgary Venues page. Many of these venues simplify planning for private parties.

The Wedding Venue Guide is also very helpful. Some of these venues are small and cozy, so check out this wedding guide as well. Licensing, regulation, catering and entertainment needs are also important when planning a private party before paying a venue deposit. Planning a private party for your kids or want to create a themed event for your friends? Be sure to join some of the themed event options that Simply Elegant has to offer.


Games and activities can be arranged for Private Parties, subject to availability. Dance nights, choirs, karaoke, open mic poetry, award ceremonies, fitness events, and more can all be coordinated to suit your rental space. A little creativity goes a long way.

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Event Manager, planners and coordinators should look to the following companies to help balance the event.

Entertainment: (Bands, DJs, Comedians, etc.)  To ensure the enjoyment of the audience

Props Staff: (Tables, Chairs, Pedestals, etc.)  To ensure that everyone in the room is properly positioned and can move comfortably

Event Space Cleaning Staff: One of the tasks that the inexperienced do often overlook by event planners. It is recommended that you plan your cleaning staff in advance. Otherwise, the dirty dishes will pile up after everyone has left.

SECURITY: To keep all guests (children, adults and seniors) equally safe at your private party. Be sure to check out our post on securing your event. Depending on the nature of your private celebration, preparation can take weeks or months. From my experience organizing private parties, the earlier you start, the better the quality of your event.


Many of the world’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs use visualization technology to improve the quality of their business and increase their chances of success. Professional planning experts for private parties are no exception. They are the experts who see the “big picture” and help flesh out the details to ensure a victory celebration.

Party planners are involved in all event-related decisions, from choosing a location month in advance to cleaning up immediately after the last guest leaves. You can anticipate upcoming problems and avoid them with Pass before you or your guests notice problems. Professional party managers make or break your celebrations.

Safety Tips Procedure

This may seem obvious, but successful private party plan coordinators are very organized. When the party starts, so many things happen at the same time. These professionals always remain calm in the face of adversity. you’ve seen it all A professional scheduler has key phone numbers for caterers and entertainment DJs on her speed dial in case of unforeseen circumstances. Coordinating the arrival of key players to the event is also essential. Did you forget to tell the bakery where to deliver your wedding cake? Does your venue have enough parking facilities? Professional party management companies know that staying organized is much easier than keeping things organized. So he’s always five steps ahead.


No one can control everything, but a professional private party plan coordinator is pretty close. A coordinator handles chilled items on the menu, late dinner service, or loud DJ music. You can relax and enjoy your party. Most of the time, experts take care of these details long before you realize that something is wrong. That’s what they do best. They are experts in crisis and risk management, ensuring that all guests experience the best party possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your next private party. Our Simply Elegant team will be happy to assist you. As always, leave a question or two in the comments.