Top 3 Reasons Why GIIS is The Best International School in Kuala Lumpur to do Cambridge IGCSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized curriculum. This curriculum is offered to students of Grades 8–10. IGCSE is an excellent curriculum for students planning to pursue the IB Diploma after Grade 10. In this curriculum, the students have to study seven subjects, of which two are languages. 

Best International School in Kuala Lumpur

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the best international schools in Kuala Lumpur that offers the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. 

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum

GIIS offers the best IGCSE curriculum in Kuala Lumpur. The curriculum is designed for students to achieve overall excellence. 

GIIS offers a well-structured IGCSE curriculum. The curriculum is focused on achieving excellence in core subjects like English, Math, and Science. The school has a flexible framework and offers many subjects. Students can choose the subjects that suit their interests. 

The curriculum was designed to develop skills like creative thinking, problem solving, etc. GIIS has this unique framework called 9GEMS. This framework is designed to help students perform well and achieve excellence in all aspects of the school. 

School Activities

One of the best aspects of GIIS is the emphasis on extracurricular and cocurricular activities. These activities are given equal importance. The main aim of these activities is to discover and develop new interests among the students. 

The school has many student clubs like the music club, the dance club, the robotics club, etc. These clubs help students explore and enhance their interests and skills. The school also organises so many events in which students showcase their skills and talents. The school has a dedicated playground where all the outdoor activities are organised. 

Faculty and Facilities

The faculty at GIIS is top-notch, highly qualified, and experienced. Besides their qualifications and experience, the faculty at GIIS attends workshops and training to keep themselves updated. GIIS believes that every student is unique, which personalises the teaching. 

The school has state-of-the art facilities. All the classrooms are digitised. The school has a dedicated Maths laboratory, a Science laboratory, and an IT laboratory. 

The best part of GIIS is that they have this special program called the Bridge Program. Many schools do not accept admissions in the middle of the year. But GIIS accepts admissions all through the year. It not only accepts the admissions but also designs a program for the students. This bridge program is designed to aid the students who join in the middle of the year. The program fills the gap between the new students’ classes and the existing classes. 

The school also offers value-added programs like STEM and Hey Math. The STEM program is specially designed to help students with Science and Technology, whereas Hey Math is designed to help students with Maths.


Global Indian International School (GIIS) is the best Kuala Lumpur international school to pursue Cambridge IGCSE. The school follows a holistic educational approach, giving equal importance to studies and activities. The curriculum is also helpful to the students who are planning to do the IB Diploma after grade 10.