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Top 5 Best Social Media Platform For Small Business

Whether you are starting a new business or you have already been in business for years, there are several social media platforms that can help your business expand and flourish. But which ones are the best?

Mercari Review – Is Mercari a Legitimate Resale Marketplace?

Mercari is an online resale marketplace that allows users to sell nearly anything. They offer a wide range of products, from sporting goods to clothing to handmade items. They are known for their legit e-commerce platform and excellent buyer protection.

In the first year of its existence, Mercari saw over one million listings. The company has offices in Japan, India, and the United States. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is impressive considering its relatively young age.

The Mercari app is easy to use. It offers users a simple way to create a listing, add a payment method, weigh and measure the item, and generate a prepaid shipping label.

The app has been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide, including by some big name celebrities. It has received over 1,400 customer reviews. It has a solid A+ rating from the BBB and scores high on customer service.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using Mercari is the rules of the game. For example, they prohibit sending items directly from the manufacturer. The company also requires all transactions to go through them. It is important to follow their guidelines so you won’t get stung by a scam.

While it is not quite as follower-driven as Poshmark, Mercari has some of the same features, including the ability to cash out to a linked bank account or Paypal. It also has a feature called “Promotions” which allows users to post items for sale, thereby increasing visibility.

ature that lets you post a photo of your product and link it to your website. The photo itself is not restricted, but it is limited to square photos.


Unlike most conventional marketing platforms, Pinterest is a great place for small businesses to get noticed. The platform allows you to target a variety of demographics, making it easier to attract new customers. Pinterest can also elevate your SEO rank and increase your website traffic.

Pinterest specializes in visual content. By posting high-quality images, you’ll increase the chances that your content will be shared.

The platform allows you to upload images directly. You can also use a “Save from site” button to pin content from external websites.

Pinterest analytics are a great way to understand how your pins are performing. This data can help you tweak your strategy and measure the success of your marketing efforts. The site is able to show you how your pins are performing in real-time.


Regardless of your industry or business size, you will find a variety of benefits to having a Facebook page for your small business. Not only can you connect with your customers, but you can also share helpful information and build your email list.

You can use Facebook for free or pay to promote your posts. You can use Facebook Ads Manager to determine what types of ads are best for your business. You can also try Facebook’s native advertising.

Facebook is a great place to run contests and giveaways. You can also use Facebook Messenger to highlight milestones and achievements. You can also create private groups for paying customers to interact with your brand.

If you have a visually appealing product, you can use Instagram to reach customers. However, there are some limitations to using Instagram as a marketing tool. You need to use high-quality photos and videos to get your message across. You also cannot include links that track conversions.


Whether you are a business owner or an employee, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with others. You can share content, find leads, and build your network.

LinkedIn is also great for boosting your sales. You can promote your products and services by posting content that is relevant to your audience. You can create a Company Page and add links to your business information, articles, videos, and portfolios.

LinkedIn is ideal for sharing long-form content. Use the platform to connect with your audience and build your reputation as a thought leader.

LinkedIn has a built-in algorithm to make sure that the content you post is seen by the people you want to. You should be consistent in publishing posts. However, you do not need to rely on LinkedIn to schedule your posts.