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Top 5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is Mandatory In India

Considering the state of Indian roads and dynamic traffic scenario, it has become mandatory for car owners to have a proper car insurance policy that provides enhanced coverage in multiple avenues. Also, now getting proficient car insurance online has become simpler and more hassle-free. You can shortlist the best motor insurance providers, compare their insurance plans online and pick the one that suits you best. Make sure to check the inclusions and exclusions when you opt for comprehensive or third-party car insurance online. There are numerous top insurers like Bajaj Allianz, ACKO car insurance, etc. you can choose your motor insurance plans from. However, you might wonder why we emphasise the importance of having car insurance in place. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why car insurance is mandatory in India. Read to know more!

  1. Made compulsory by Law

Having a proper car insurance policy has been made compulsory by the Indian government. According to the Motor vehicles act of 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicles to possess at least third-party motor insurance to legally drive on Indian roads. If found driving without motor insurance it would be considered an offence and the driver would be charged a fine of Rs. 2000 which can lead up to an imprisonment of 2 months. So, to be a law-abiding citizen, it is crucial for you to have a proficient car insurance policy. 

Now, with the advancement of the internet, you can get your car insurance online from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to choose the right insurance provider and an apt plan that fulfils your requirements. Get your third-party car insurance online today!

  1. Ensures medical care for the third party 

If any unforeseen accident takes place involving your car, the complete treatment and damage reversal cost of the third-party present will come at your expense. This is where car insurance helps a lot. It effectively covers the medical care of the third party involved in the accident. So, you can prudently bridge the treatment expenses without actually spending anything out of your pocket. You can easily file for your car insurance online by getting your quote. Based on your requirements you can either go for the comprehensive plan or choose the third-party car insurance online. 

  1. Covers the legal liabilities 

Legal liabilities are a major concern when an accident takes place involving your vehicle. If there are any serious repercussions like damage to public property or serious injuries to the third party, there might be many legal complications. The police personnel would have to file a charge for the damage incurred. In such cases, car insurance will aid you in a profound manner. It completely covers all legal proceedings and protects your financial stability. That is why it is very important to get third-party car insurance online as soon as you purchase a new car. 

Look through all the available options and pick the right insurance provider to get your car insurance online today. It helps you stay confident and worry-free while driving on the road. 

  1. Provides financial safety to the policyholder

One bad event of an accident can alter all the dimensions of one’s life. In the unpredictable scenario we live in, it is of utmost prominence to have a financial safety net that keeps you and your family member’s life on the go. A proficient motor insurance policy does the same for you. The benefits of getting proper car insurance online are manifold. 

It covers the treatment cost for severe injuries, amputation, and even the loss of life. It also offers remunerations to the owner/driver involved in the accident to support their lives. So, they can live a dignified life. Get your comprehensive or third party car insurance online today without any delay. 

  1. Offers compensation for family  

It is a well-established fact that thousands of lives are lost every year due to vehicle accidents. Investing in comprehensive car insurance online will help during such extreme circumstances. The majority of the motor insurance policies cover extreme physical injuries and even the death of the car owner/driver. If any such unfortunate situation occurs, the insurance company hands over the stipulated compensation amount for the family. So, their family can live their lives without any financial pressure and debts. This compensation amount will be given to the nominee or to the closest kin. 

Getting proficient comprehensive or third-party car insurance online is very important. You can analyse all the inclusions and exclusions of the plan, before picking out the right scheme of your choice. You can always opt for add-ons if you want additional or specific coverage. Bajaj Allianz has the best motor insurance policies. Check it out and get your car insurance online today!