Tyre Puncture Repair Accessories

Tyre Puncture Repair Accessories That You Should Look For In A Tyre Repair Kit

No matter where you take your car, be it to your regular work or voyaging on a trip, an investment in a tyre puncture repair kit is never a waste of money. It comprises tyre puncture repair accessories that you need to fix any tear and wear or punctures in your tyre and get back on the road without assistance from any mechanic. 

But before selecting the best tyre repair kit for you, you need to research the accessories required to fix punctures in your tyre according to your vehicle’s needs. If the accessories don’t suit your vehicle type, it would be a bad investment for you. You can search for all car accessories at Carorbis and get an impression of the price, cost efficiency and quality at your fingertips.

Moreover, merely fixing the tyre is not the only solution, and you need to ensure that your tyre is inflated according to the factory’s recommended level. In addition, you need a car tyre pump to help your tyres achieve the desired tyre pressure. Browse the car accessories online at CarOrbis and order from anywhere to receive hassle-free doorstep delivery.

Tyre Puncture Repair Accessories That You Need For Repairing Flat Tyres:

Most of the tyre repairing kits available in today’s market assist with tubeless tires that do not have any inner tubes. Therefore, you must choose a versatile tyre repair kit that can help repair both tubeless tyres and tyres with tubes. Here’s a general guide to all the accessories you need to equip yourself before fixing a punctured tyre.


A rasper is a necessary inclusion within a car tyre repair kit. It helps efficiently clean the tyre and is most helpful in widening the punctured area and making it fit for repair. The product is readily available at offline or online stores selling quality car repair accessories.

Tyre levers:

They are a type of small lever that assist you in removing the tyre from the wheel and helps in the repair process. Keep a set of tyre levers along with all other necessary tyre repair accessories. They are one of the cheapest but highly beneficial car accessories.


To fix punctures on the rear tyres of your car, you need to remove the wheels from the vehicle. This is impossible without a jack. A jack is a mechanical lifting device that can lift heavy loads. For this, it makes use of a screw thread. Not only for tyre repairs, but you would also need a jack for proper vehicle maintenance. 

Mushroom Plugs:

Mushroom plugs have a better sealing ability. This is because of the rivet sealing that it provides, which not only fills the puncture track but also encloses the inside properly so that there’s no space for the air to be left out.

Plugger or Plugging gun:

This is especially helpful in inserting the mushroom plug into the punctured area. It entertains a rotating mechanism that makes the insertion process smooth and hassle-free. You can also make use of plugging guns which have a spring action and are easy and convenient to use because of their bigger size compared to pluggers.

Tyre Inflation Tools:

Once ir the punctured area, you must provide the tyres with the lost air pressure inside them. For this, you will need a tyre inflator or a foot air pump that will help you to inflate air pressure inside the tyres and bring them back into their original condition. This will further ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on your vehicle.

Many compact inflation kits are readily available in the mobile market and can be carried anywhere to refill the tyre with the optimum pressure required for smooth functioning. Please pick them up from any online or offline stores.

To fix a punctured tyre, you don’t need professional assistance. You can easily do that by following a few simple steps and keeping all the necessary tools with yourself. These are given below:

Step 1 –

Ensure safe parking of your car under a covered area away from traffic.

Step 2 –

Find out the punctured area. If it is on the front, you can move the steering to access the inside and outside of the tyre. But unfortunately, if the puncture is on the rear tyre, you need to remove the wheel from the vehicle, for which you will require a jack to lift the car.

Step 3 –

Take out the sharp object from your tyre. Use a smoothening tool or a rasper to smoothen the punctured area. Make a hole big enough to accommodate rubber strips.

Step 4 –

Put the rubber strips inside the hole and remove the smoothening tool.

Step 5 –

Use a blade or a knife to cut off the extra rubber strip.

Step 6 –

Adjust the tyre pressure inside your tyre with a tyre inflator after fixing the leakage.

Step 7

Check the tyre pressure with a tyre gauge.

You will find all tyre puncture repair accessories at CarOrbis, which you can order online from the comfort of your couch. Choose from the top brands offering quality products and get additional benefits on your online purchase, such as easy return policies, free shipping, and doorstep delivery.

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