Using a Projector Outside: What You Need to Know?

Simply put, every projector is not suitable for outside use. For it to be used outside, it must come with a very high brightness or lumen rating because there is plenty of ambient light outside. The more the brightness, the better image will appear. Otherwise, the image will not appear clear. Not only projectors are amazing for everyday TV watching, but they are also great for having a theatre-like experience at home. Due to this, buying it is a good investment. It really feels like you are at the theatre when you watch on an outdoor projector.

In addition to this, it is more enjoyable. In summers especially, everything shifts outside, even entertainment. Whether you are planning an outdoor date night or want to watch a movie with your kids, a projector is a great way of bringing the big display outside. For this, you cannot use every projector. It must have a brighter display and more lumens. Read this article to know more about outdoor projectors.

Using the Projector Outside

Most people are not sure about whether one can use projectors outside. The reason is that it is even hard to use your mobile phone in the sun. Since the sun spreads ambient light more than any projector, it is important to use a projector that has a higher brightness. Having more lumens is mandatory to compete with the sun for outdoor viewing. So, your device must possess a high lumen count if you want to use it outdoors.

Projector Type Matters

When you want to put a projector outside, the type of device you are using matters. It is significant to ensure your article can display properly regardless of the weather outside. Be it cloudy or sunny, the number of lumens must ensure a clear and viewable image.

Suggested Lumens for Outdoor Projectors

The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. The number of lumens required for outdoor projector comes with makes a huge difference in the clarity of the image you are watching on the screen. For a projector to be used outside, it must come with at least 3000 lumens. However, having more than 4000 lumens is ideal in making outdoor viewing perfect.

Important Factors for Watching Outside

As far as figuring out how many lumens a projector must have, two factors are of ultimate importance. And they are:

  • The screen size of the projector
  • The amount of sun your device will be exposed to

Different Display Sizes

When you determine the number of lumens your device must feature, the size of the display that you want to projector plays a huge part. A smaller screen requires fewer lumens to be bright enough to watch outside s compared to a screen twice as big. For instance, a 16*9 foot projector display needs a minimum of 3000 lumens. However, 4500 lumens for daytime outdoor use is an ideal number.

On the other hand, a projector with 20*11 of size requires a minimum of 4500 lumens if you want to use it outdoors during the daytime. Regardless of the size of your device, you should not buy a projector that does not have at least 3000 lumens. The more your device has, the better.

Exposure to the Sun; Full Sun or Full Shade

Since your device has to compete with the brightness of the sun, the amount of sun your projector will be exposed to makes a big difference. It can either be full sun, partial sun, or full shade. Therefore, your projector needs more lumens if there is a full sun at all times of the day. On the other hand, fewer lumens are required for full-shade projectors.

However, if your house does not have any built-in shaded area, it is better to make a structure that has a limited cover such as a simple square awning like the one people tailgate under at football games or a gazebo.

Best Outdoor Projectors

Although there are not any projectors that are specifically manufactured for outdoor watching, below is the list of some best projectors that can make your outdoor movie-watching experience amazing. When looking for high-quality outdoor projectors, your priority must be more lumens besides integrated technology and great image quality. Following are some of the best projectors.

  • Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080
  • ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector
  • TOPVISION 1080P Supported Video Projector with 4500L
  • VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector


Not every projector can be used outdoors. It must have more lumens to compete with ambient light or the brightness of the sun. Before buying a device, make sure it comes with a high number of lumens to ensure the best watching experience. Along with that, the screen size also matters for such a device.