What Are the Areas of Improvement While Writing Masters Dissertation?

Writing a masters dissertation is no walk in the park. Although everyone’s experience is different, however, if you walk around, you will find the majority of students saying it is the most challenging task they have ever worked on. So, know that similar sorts of problems are also on the way in your case. Do you know which areas you need to improve while writing a masters thesis? Most probably not, because if you had known that, you would not be here reading this article.

As a masters dissertation is a lengthy piece of academic writing, it contains many sections and subsections. To produce a quality dissertation, you need to improve many areas. These areas are mostly your skills based on which you write a great dissertation. So, what are those areas to improve? Worry not; I will unpack all such areas in today’s post. Hence, let’s get started with the main discussion.

Areas of improvement while writing a dissertation

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of students failing their dissertations. This is all because they do not have the skills to work on such a lengthy writing project or do not know how to write. Whatever the case is, certainly, there are some areas that students need to focus on and improve. A brief description of all those areas is as follows:

1. Creating a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a statement that explains the purpose of a masters dissertation. It is one of the steps in a dissertation you need to take right because it sets the rest of the journey. Many students fail to craft a powerful and effective thesis statement. Being the opening element of your dissertation, it is the first area of improvement. You need to create a thesis statement that effectively describes your overall research problem within a few words. An effective thesis statement is one which is:

  • Narrow and expanded up to a few sentences
  • Debatable and not based on common facts that the reader already knows

2. Writing skills

Writing skills is the most important area of improvement in a masters dissertation. Every kind of writing has its own style and guidelines. In the same way, academic writing has its own. You must be familiar with all the guidelines for writing an impactful dissertation while following the rules. To improve your writing skills, you must compare your writing with the published papers in your field. By doing this, you will know at which level you are and whether you need to improve your writing skills or not.

3. Research skills

Research is crucial to any perfect dissertation. Without proper research on the topic or the research problem, you cannot craft a good masters dissertation. The reason is that you do not have the right arguments to give on the research problem when you lack research skills. Therefore, you need to improve on your research area. To improve your research, employ all the advanced research strategies, like using keywords and Boolean expressions between the words. All these strategies will leave you with the most relevant literature for your research study. Hence, research skills are the 3rd area of improvement.

4. Planning and time management

Planning and time management are the two most important things while writing a dissertation. Learning how to effectively plan your thesis to finish it on time is essential. It is necessary because, without proper planning and time management, you are going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, planning a dissertation allows you to break down the thesis into smaller, manageable and doable sections. Hence, planning and managing your time carefully is the number 4th area of improvement.

5. Organisation

The thesis is such a long writing project that organising it in the best and perfect way is itself a hectic task. Consisting of 5 chapters mostly, a masters dissertation is difficult to organise. As a student, you are mostly not familiar with how to structure the chapters of your dissertation, and this costs you a lot in the final assessment. Three ways to improve your thesis organisation skills are as follows:

  • Start by describing the contents of your dissertation chapter which you are writing
  • Only include the information which is relevant to the topic
  • Summarise the information

So, these are the three things that you must do while organising the chapters of your dissertation. If you lack the organisational skills and do not have time for improvement, getting help from a masters dissertation help service is the best way.


Writing, researching, organising, and planning are some of the areas of improvement while writing a masters dissertation. Most of the time, students lack these skills and pay a heavy price in the final assessment. If you are one of those students, read all the information given above and craft a dissertation which is perfect in everything.