What are the Outdoorsman Dad’s Gift Guide For 2022  

If you like surprising your outdoorsman dad with a gift now and then, you can quickly end up not having inspiration for that next gift. Over the years, your dad’s backpack can become this treasure box filled with valuable tools and gadgets. 

What gift should you give him next? 

Fortunately, outdoor gear is a broad product category. There are hundreds of valuable presents you can give to your father. To help you out, we’ve put together a mini ultimate outdoorsman dad’s gift guide for 2022.  

Subscription boxes as a gift 

Wouldn’t it be nice to regularly surprise your dad with unique and valuable outdoor gear? Instead of troubling yourself by reading the guides and reviews and watching the YouTube videos, you can easily keep your father on his toes every time the gifting season arrives.  

The answer lies in a survival box subscription. You can invest in an outdoor subscription box as a gift and get it shipped to your dad’s address. It’s a gift that keeps on gifting. Plus, the survival gear in the subscription boxes is sourced by real adventurers who know what a fellow outdoors person might need when exploring the great wilderness.  

Back pocket wilderness survival guide 

Not even the most experienced adventurers know everything about outdoor adventures. There are so many herbs that you can eat and avoid. Also, knowing which animals you can encounter in the woods can help a lot. Not to mention how useful knowing how to build a shelter from materials available in the woods and start a fire.  

If you want to catch your dad off guard and truly amaze him with something of great value, you should consider giving him a back pocket wilderness survival guide. These guides are excellent sources for learning something new or reminding yourself about something that can potentially be lifesaving out there in the wilds.  

Fishing tackle box 

If your dad enjoys fishing the nearby lakes and rivers, then it can prove challenging for you to find a missing piece of fishing gear to give him. Plus, all fishermen have unique preferences. They often want to do the shopping personally. That puts you in a tough spot. Luckily, you can still give your dad something related to fishing without risking disrupting his shopping experience. 

A fishing tackle box comes to the rescue. With a fishing tackle box, your dad will be able to finally organize his fishing gear and keep those lures ready for use as an avid angler he is.  

Sturdy and versatile pocket knife 

f you want to give your dad a taste of that child-like joy, you should give him something he can use on every trip. A pocket knife is an essential piece of equipment for bushcraft, camping, hiking, and survival. With so many options available, you should read a few guides to know what to look for in a pocket knife. 

Generally speaking, you are looking for excellent blade quality, compact build, and little extra functionality. The perfect pocket knife should be large enough to be used for a variety of tasks outdoors but also easy to carry around.  

Cutting-edge smartwatch 

A smartwatch can be a great gift idea for your dad. A smartwatch can help your dad know his location at all times and get useful notifications about heart rate, oxygen saturation, and upcoming bad weather. However, you must be careful here as your dad may not be as tech-savvy as you are.  

So, what do you do? 

When choosing a smartwatch for your outdoorsman dad, you must look for devices that hit that sweet spot between high performance and ease of use. Fortunately, there are many cutting-edge outdoor watches that are easy to use. Don’t forget to look for shock and thermal resistances. After all, your dad will use it outdoors, and it has to be able to withstand this sometimes-demanding use case. 

Survival water bottle 

In case your dad enjoys spending days at a time in the wild, you can surprise him with something that can improve his quality of life. Water can be scarce, and people simply can’t bring enough with them if they go on long hikes before they settle down camping. 

That’s why you should look into survival water bottles. These bottles are great because they are compact, provide thermal insulation, and have built-in filters. These filters can eliminate microplastic, bacteria, silt, and parasites to keep your dad healthy and well-hydrated while exploring the untouched nature. 


Finding a perfect present for an outdoorsman dad can be pretty challenging, especially if you are not an outdoorsman. There are too many outdoor gear pieces to choose from. Hopefully, these gift ideas will help inspire you and streamline the search for the perfect outdoorsman dad’s gift.