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What Is The Best Electric Kettle in India in 2023? A Buyer’s Guide

An electric kettle is a basic kitchen appliance that is very popular among people who love to drink hot water or hot beverages like tea or coffee. This appliance brings speed, precision and convenience to the water boiling process in a way that the conventional method of boiling water doesn’t. 

Whether you want to heat water for a cup of coffee or tea or cook instant foods like noodles or soup, an electric kettle is a very handy appliance to use. It is easy to use and avoids spillage of water as in the case of boiling water in a conventional way. All that you need to do is add water to the electric kettle and turn on the power. 

With the innumerable models available in the market in varying electric kettle price ranges, making a choice is not easy. This article serves as a buying guide and will help you decide the best electric kettle. Also, get to know the best electric kettle in India in 2023.

Things to Consider

While buying an electric kettle, here are a few things to consider:

  • Power and Capacity

The power of the appliance decides its efficiency. Go for an electric kettle that has at least 1500W power. This power helps in boiling water quickly. 

As for the capacity, kettles are available in varying capacities ranging from 500ml to 1.8L. Depending on your family size, choose a capacity that suits your needs the best. 

  • Material

You can find kettles & induction cooktop made of exteriors in different materials, including stainless steel, plastic and glass. If you opt for stainless steel kettles, ensure that the material is of a good grade so that it is rust-resistant, safe and durable. Kettles with plastic exteriors are cool to the touch and hence you can handle them with ease. If you choose glass kettles, go for those made of a borosilicate glass body so that it doesn’t break easily. 

  • Safe to Use

The kettle should have an auto turn-off feature so that it switches off automatically once the water boils. This safeguards the appliance from dry boiling and overheating. 

  • Cordless Rotating Base

Most of the advanced kettles available in 2023 come with a cordless rotating base that can be rotated for 360°.  This is one of the best features as it ensures easy pouring while serving. You can just remove the kettle from the base and serve it conveniently. 

Top 3 Electric Kettles in 2023

The best electric kettles in India in 2023 are:

  • KENT Electric Glass Kettle

This beautiful electric kettle from KENT brings convenience to your kitchen countertop. Made of borosilicate glass exterior, it can withstand high temperatures and give better visibility. With a capacity of 1.7L, it can boil an adequate amount of water to serve 4-5 people at once. It has a concealed heating plate and a stainless steel cover that ensures good retention of heat. 

  • Pigeon Amaze Plus

This electric kettle from Pigeon is made of stainless steel and sports a classic design that would suit most of the modern kitchen decors. Its cordless swivel design facilitates easy pouring of water. It is highly simple & convenient to use and easy to clean. 

  • KENT Vogue

This stainless steel kettle from KENT is available in varying capacities (1.2L, 1.5L and 1.8L). It has all the must-have features of a good kettle, including a high quality exterior material, cordless rotating base, automatic turn off and different capacities to meet individual needs. 

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Now that you know what to look for and also have access to the list of the best kettles, it is time to make a well-informed choice out of these and add it to your existing range of kitchen appliances.