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To someone who has never kayaked before, it may sound complicated or scary. Concerns may arise at the thought of paddling into the sunset or sunrise while stabilizing on a relatively narrow piece of fiberglass. The sport, or in this case the recreational activity of kayaking, is actually quite safe and easy to use. For the flat water kayaking that this article is about, all you have to do is swing your arms in a consistent rhythmic arc, get used to the basic stability requirements (which are pretty easy to balance on), and that’s it.

Upriver with a paddle

It’s a cheap and accessible activity that anyone with a moderate level of fitness can participate in, and the best part is that it takes you to an unrivaled location in Qatar. With that in mind, it’s time to put your worries aside and grab a paddle as FACT takes you from your home to the water.

It seems strange to talk about forests in Qatar.

Outside of Doha, the Al Thakira Mangrove Forest is an amazing, strange and surprising piece of nature. Due to the harsh climate in the locality, there is a rather low number of endemic plants. However, mangroves are robust enough to withstand the environment. Avicennia Marina, a species that can withstand the high salinity of the Arabian Gulf, is our local mangrove.

These indigenous wonders are located near the village of Al Thakira, a charming throwback to simpler times, and just north of the industrial city of Al Khor. They are unusually large and visually appealing. Evocative mangrove swamps with sea water are located in the village on the edge of the estuary. Moreover, it is one of the best places in Qatar to try kayaking. Paddling through a forest surrounded by lush vegetation and a wide variety of unique animals such as seasonal flamingos and herons is incredibly rejuvenating and soothing.

Mangrove kayaking experience

Consider one of the official tour operators if you want to get the most out of your first kayaking Doha experience. There are a number of established businesses that provide guided tours of the region. After a basic orientation, a knowledgeable guide leads the group on the expedition. In a typical orientation, you will learn about water safety, basic paddling technique, core stability and procedures for following your guide in a friendly and straightforward environment. The travel agency provides all the necessary equipment.

On the calm, flat water of the estuary, the kayaks, which were not designed for speed but for recreational paddling, are nice and stable, making the experience as enjoyable as possible. A Kayak Qatar trip takes you through the fascinating mangrove terrain, revealing views unlike any other in Qatar, and offers a peaceful yet energizing workout. In addition, it provides an opportunity to learn about the unique ecology of the region.

Paddle Boarding

The two-hour journey through nature reserves usually starts at different times. You can start at dawn when the natural world awakens, or you can go on a night paddle, a hauntingly beautiful way to get across these backwaters. A post-kayak barbecue provided by some operators is a fitting way to end a fun evening of paddle boarding. In both cases, healthy exercise almost guarantees restful sleep.

The mangrove kayaking experience is a chance to take part in a safe, socially isolated outdoor activity that gives one a real sense of accomplishment in the summer when vaccinations and restrictions apply. Add to that the serenity that comes from experiencing nature on its own terms and the chance to explore a scenic region of Qatar unlike any other, and you’re onto something special. Why not try it this season? Paddle for Forrest.


 Before kayaking, FACT recommends bringing dry clothing, bottled water, sunglasses and sunscreen (for a day trip), culturally appropriate sports clothing, and a hat.

Is kayaking a good way to exercise?

Kayaking is an enjoyable watersport. It involves maneuvering on water using a kayak, a narrow boat with a double-blade paddle. The driver is supposed to move through the waterways by alternating side-to-side paddle strokes while seated face forward.

Kayaking has a significant impact on your physical endurance, flexibility, and strength. It also strengthens your torso, legs, and muscles. Fitness in the cardiovascular system is another benefit. Additionally, kayaking is a calming and meditative activity that improves mental strength.