What to Do When You Suspect Copyright Infringement

What to Do When You Suspect Copyright Infringement

Owners of businesses have to be alert because copyright infringement is widespread. They must take all precautions to protect their businesses from people who could steal their products. Before doing something about copyright infringement, you should know what it is.

What is Copyright Infringement?

A person is subject to copyright infringement when they use someone else’s copyrighted products without permission. When this happens, the party benefiting from your stolen information will get a copyright infringement notice. Movies and songs usually become the subject of most copyright infringement cases, as many people reshare movie clips and songs within their subject matter without permission from the owners. This can also apply to things a company could own, such as a logo, catchphrase, a particular product, and even more.

Consequences of Copyright Infringement

If you suspect a copyright infringement, know that there are large penalties that you could benefit from. Contingent liabilities are one consequence of infringement, as a proper lawsuit could take place and the person responsible could face prison time or pay a large fine.

What Should You Do When You Uncover Copyright Infringement?

Review the Content

Ensure that you thoroughly check the content you think is involved in the infringement. You should be sure that the content is unique and belongs to you before contacting the violator or legal authorities. Sometimes, using someone else’s content is completely legal if that content is not protected under copyright. Either way, making sure you have a strong case is important.

Handle the Situation Professionally:

You must handle the situation professionally, as you will likely want to act on your emotions and insult the copyright breacher. Whenever you get notified that your content or product may be involved in copyright infringement, try contacting the person personally to see if the situation can be handled smoothly. It is better to talk to the copyright breacher yourself before involving legal authorities if it can be settled quickly.

What Else Can You Do?:

In a perfect world, it would be great if the person responsible for the copyright infringement removed the stolen content without a fight and provided you with an apology and insight into how it happened. This way, you can find a solution without involving legal authorities. If you have doubts regarding any matter, you can contact an attorney, as seeking advice could help to solve matters before they get out of hand.

If the violator becomes uncooperative in any way, you will have to file a violation report on the stolen contact and reach out to authorities. You will have to provide a few things in your complaint report, such as examples of the stolen content, the violator’s details, and any important records. These will act as evidence if the violator defies your complaint. You can even reach out to a professional to conduct an IP investigation to make sure your case is secure.

Be Patient:

It is worrisome to wait for processes such as this to get done, but you need to be patient and wait for either a resolution directly through the violator or for the case to be settled. It can be hard to act calmly while someone else is gaining money from your work, but copyright infringement cases are settled in favor of the owner rather than the violator. 

Prepare for the Future:

When going through a situation like this, most people try to think of what they can do to prevent it from happening again. Truthfully, copyright infringement happens every day and there is really no way to stop it. Protecting your business is the preventative measure you must take before you run into another infringement case. Go through everything your business owns in terms of content and products, and make sure that there is a copyright on everything that would require one. This won’t prevent future infringement, but it will prevent your loss in a case. 


Copyright infringement cases are something that you should take seriously. Making sure that your products or content are protected in the first place is key. If you suspect copyright infringement, contact your attorney or an investigative service so that they can guide you through the process of settling the case.

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