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Why Bundling Services Is Ideal For Monthly Savings?

Different ISPs combine multiple services, normally two to three together, and present them at lesser or discounted rates. This is called Bundling, and is a method in which various service providers including Wave Internet employ to facilitate their customer base in the most optimal way possible, simply by bundling two or more services together. The idea behind such a move is not just to offer several services at discounted rates to the customer, but lower their monthly bill as well, so they can pay far more conveniently than ever.

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How Does ‘Bundling Different Services’ Differ?

Bundled services are usually considered as a more feasible option rather than the stand-alone ones as these usually include a unique combination of internet, phone service, and cable TV put together. This is a strong reason why many users consider bundled services as a better option for their money. Whereas another survey observed that cod cutting seemed to be lowered especially after users bundled their cable TV service with phone and the internet facility.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bundling Different Services Together

Listed below are some reasons as to why bundling different services together can be a great option for customers:

Have a Single Provider for All Services

Among the top benefits of bundling different services together, is primarily that users don’t have to contact different providers for different services. If a user has internet service from one provider, there is no need for him to visit another one for cable TV and a third one, for landline phone service. Most service providers have spectacular monthly deals that users can immediately take advantage of. However, if they are a new user, then most service providers ensure that the new user is given some sort of a starting deal that is meant to motivate the user to explore other service options and use them if considered necessary.

One Provider Equals to One Bill at the End of the Month

Another benefit is that since users work with one service provider, they don’t have to contact other providers for the installation process, equipment delivery, or technical assistance. They just have to contact one provider for all kinds of services. At the end of the month, users will not receive different bills. In fact, by bundling different services from a single ISP, they will receive one bill, which will reduce clutter and be far more convenient than several bills for different services.

Faster Speed for a Better Service

Utilizing a single ISP for various services also assures the user that he will receive faster symmetric speeds instead of the opposite. Because if that’s the case, then this affects both upload and download internet speeds. Furthermore, when the internet speed is steady, streaming services are also stable and run smoothly yet efficiently. What’s more, is that bundles offer users greater streaming options in comparison to stand-alone services.

Amazing Deals to Promote Service Provider

In addition to the other reasons, promotional deals are always present to entice customers into purchasing those deals. For instance, waived fees for a certain period or premium programming during the holiday season will boost the popularity of an ISP if it is newly launched in a region.

Few Drawbacks for Using Bundled Services

However, the list doesn’t end here. There are several drawbacks related to service bundling, which are often overlooked by users who are blinded by the sheen of these fancy service packages:

One Service Down Means Other Services Are Also Affected

This point is self-explanatory and doesn’t require much elaboration. However, if there is even the slightest deviation in one service such as a sluggish internet connection, then it is bound to affect other services negatively as well, such as a sluggish internet connection results in too much buffering on streaming devices.

Constant Price Hikes in One Provider

Many service providers present promotional pricing at the initial stage of service to encourage usage and boost the customer base. However, this is a marketing tactic and most customers are already aware of the fact that most prices are going to increase after a certain time has passed. Such price increases are common with both stand-alone services and bundle packages.

Wrapping Up

Although bundling different services together is a great way for customers to get optimal value for their money, more and more providers are now providing options where a user can customize their monthly bundle as per their liking.

Even though one or two internet service providers are currently allowing customers to personalize monthly bundles, other top providers are bound to catch up with the trend. This would immediately boost revenue, while allowing the user to have full control over their selected service deal.

However, if a customer is still not sure about investing in a monthly service bundle, they can always check the internet for reviews on the ISP or call up customer service to learn all aspects of the said deal, especially if it’s available in the area or not. Many times, though a service is advertised, it is only available in selected few areas. Never purchase a service if you are not sure about it.