Why Don't Women's Clothes Have Pockets?

Why Don’t Women’s Clothes Have Pockets?

Women’s clothing doesn’t come with pockets, and that leaves many women wondering why. The common misconception is that it’s because women aren’t capable of carrying wallets and smartphones, but this isn’t entirely accurate. The real reason Pakistani womens clothes don’t have pockets in their clothes has to do with the history of fashion itself, as well as the function of feminine attire over time. 

Here are some more interesting facts about pockets in women’s clothing that might surprise you.

The Pakistani Fashion Industry and Pockets

In Pakistan and many parts of the world, pockets are not a common feature of women’s clothing, which can be problematic. It can also be difficult to find a suit with pockets if you’re shopping for one. 

However, there is an explanation behind why Pakistani womens clothes don’t have pockets: 

Many designers and retailers believe that women want their clothing to be as slim as possible. They think that adding too much volume with pockets would make their clothes look shapeless and unflattering. 

Additionally, they believe that since most women already have purses, we don’t need pockets on our garments as well. 

However, what these retailers fail to see is how inconvenient it is for women without purses to go about their day without any way of storing items like phones, keys and wallets. One way some brands have tried to fix this problem has been by adding fake pockets on the inside lining of jackets.

The Purposes of Pockets

Pockets are useful for carrying things, keeping them close at hand, and preventing them from getting lost or damaged. Without pockets, many items need to be carried separately. This can make it more difficult to find what you’re looking for and is a pain when you have to go through security at the airport. 

The lack of pocket space in Pakistani womens clothes also has implications for daily life. It may cause some women to opt-out of certain activities because they don’t want to carry their keys or phone around with them. 

And without an extra pocket on their clothing, women are less able than men to keep track of small objects that often fall out of their pockets (such as pens). So much of our lives now involve technology that being forced to hold onto your phone or laptop all day can become cumbersome. 

In addition, not having pockets makes it harder for women to discreetly stash their personal belongings away if they’re worried about pickpockets or thieves lurking about them. Finally, the uniformity of not having any pockets may contribute to women feeling like they don’t have enough choices available in terms of style and function.

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