Scent Last Longer

6 Number of Ways to Make your Scent Last Longer & Effective

Wish to smell great all day long? Adorning your favourite scent can help. There are many fragrances available in the market which can make you feel fresh and lively. However, sometimes you might have observed that some fragrances like roll on deo, perfumes etc, can wear off by brunch time. This can be due to the reason that you are not applying them the correct way. 

But, fret no more. There are certain ways which can make your perfume last longer like making your skin moisturized after showering, applying the scent to your pulse points, storing it in a cool and dark place, etc.

Here are some tips and best practices for making your scent stand out from the rest and last for a long time.

Best ways to prolong your scent

To keep smelling good all day, you would have to make sure that your preferred body mist, cologne or deodorant is able to connect with your skin and blend in completely.

To achieve this, follow as many of the below-mentioned fragrance rules as possible:

  1. Moisturize your skin before perfume application

Perfumes smell the best when you spritz them on after applying a body lotion to your skin. The moisturizer will lock in your fragrance better and ensure your body smells aromatic and magnificent for several hours.

  1. Spray or dab onto bare skin

When the body mist or other scents meld with the natural oils of your body, their propensity to last longer activates. A good fragrance is one which melts into your skin fully and stays put all day. However, do keep in mind that your clothing shouldn’t obstruct your fragrance from sinking deep into your skin.

  1. Use the scent right after your shower

Beginning with the proper application of the fragrances adds to the longevity of your scent. For optimum results, apply the fragrance right after you come out of the shower. Why is this recommended? It is because, after bathing, your clean pores will open up in the steam and soak up the scent, making you feel fresh and leaving your skin smelling fabulous all day long.

  1. Apply to your pulse points

Spritzing the perfume on your pulse points is one of the ideal ways for making your scent durable, as fragrance reacts to heat. Just spritz the perfume on your wrists, the back of your knees, the insides of your elbows, the nape of your neck, etc. It works as a body mist and a scent together and emits a gorgeous aroma. 

If you want to increase the durability of your fragrance, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly onto your pulse points before spritzing the roll on deo or another scent. The balm will lock in the moisture and make the scent last longer.

  1. Store perfumes in a cool and dark place

Due to fluctuations in humidity and temperatures, fragrances can break down. Instead of storing the scents in lighted and warm areas, keep them in a cool drawer away from the direct rays of the sunlight. Doing this is essential because the light’s exposure to the fragrance can alter its liquid makeup or, in some cases, melt the bottle, if it is plastic.

  1. Add some fragrance to your hair

Just like our bodies, our hair needs some love and attention too. One of the ways is by spritzing scents on your hair, to make them aromatic. To do this, spray the scent onto your brush and run it through your hair. However, don’t add the perfume directly to your hair, as the alcohol in several perfumes can cause damage.

A good fragrance adds to a person’s aura, making them feel confident about themselves. By following these beauty tips, you can stand out from the rest and feel like the main character. If you are looking for some beautiful scents, you can buy perfumes online from the leading beauty & cosmetics company Avon. Their Little Black Dress fragrance is suitable for both men and women. The collection includes body sprays and EDP which have a fruity and floral scent, that can be worn to any occasion whether a weekend out with your partner or a night at the club and make the most of the moments happening.