Kidney Diseases

7 Early Warning Signs of Kidney Diseases to Keep Eyes On

Just like our heart, brain and liver, our kidneys are also important organs in our body. These important organs perform many important jobs for us and are crucial for our overall well-being. One of the most important kidney functions is the purification of our blood and the production of urine.

Everyone is born with two kidneys that are bean-shaped in appearance. Without the proper functioning of the kidney, none of our body functions can be normal. For this very reason, healthy kidneys are important for our overall well-being. But many things can take a toll on our kidney health. From minor infections to stone formation and kidney damage resulting in kidney failure, all of these situations can wreak havoc on our kidney health. 

My cousin suffered from multiple kidney infections during his 20s. We took him to the best nephrologist in Karachi who treated her for the condition. These frequent kidney infections take a toll on his overall well-being, from his academic life to his general fitness. So, yes kidney diseases can be really difficult to deal with. This gives us enough reasons to take all the measures to prevent the onset of kidney conditions.

Early Signs of Kidney Disease

When we talk about the prevention of kidney diseases, we need to talk about the warning signs of kidney problems. Yes, this happens. Before your condition becomes severe, your body uses its way of telling you that something is not right with your kidneys. For this, we need to be aware of the warning signs of kidney problems. In case you are wondering what these are, I suggest you read further:

1- Pain without cause

Sometimes you might experience pain without any solid reason. Beware because this can be one of the earliest signs of kidney disease. Yes, a pain that originates near your kidney can be due to a developing kidney problem. This pain can be progressive or can be short-living. If you are experiencing it for some time then it is important to talk to your doctor especially if you are at a high risk of developing kidney conditions.

2- Fever

We know that fever is our body’s natural immune response that helps to get rid of the germs that can be bothersome for us. So, if you are experiencing fever alongside other symptoms then this can be a sign of a kidney problem.

3- Urination changes

Next on the list of early signs of kidney conditions comes the changes in urination frequency and pattern. This is because your kidneys are directly responsible for the production of urine in your body. So, any minor kidney trouble will directly impact your urinary health. So, make sure to keep your eyes on the urinary change.

One may experience different types of urinary changes. For example, if you see a darker urine colour or you are seeing traces of proteins and blood in your urine, then you are more likely to suffer from a kidney infection. So, make sure to immediately talk to your physician about this. 

4- Bad breath

You may be surprised reading this, but do you know that you may also experience bad breath due to any existing problem with your kidney? But how do kidney problems change your mouth odour? This happens because when your kidneys are not functioning well, this results in the accumulation of urea in your body. This urea accumulation is then responsible for the bad breath you suffer from.

5- Feeling a strange metallic taste

Next on the list of early warning signs for kidney problems come the taste changes you suffer from. When your kidneys are not working well, this can result in improper filtration of toxins and wastes in your body. This then builds up the toxins in your bloodstream from where they can reach different areas in your body. This toxin accumulation results in the causation of a strange metallic taste in your mouth.

6- Swollen feet and hands

This is another way your body tries to tell you that there is something wrong with your kidney function. This happens because poor kidney function causes fluid accumulation in your body that results in the swelling of your hands and feet. So, if you are experiencing swollen extremities without any reason make sure to get yourself checked.

7- Irritated and dry skin

Yes, we can even connect the skin changes with kidney function as well. This is because the inability of kidneys to work well can change the fluid balances in our body which can result in irritated and dry skin. Not only this but your skin can also feel itchy because of poor kidney function. 

Bottom Line!

Kidney health is crucial for your overall well-being. So, make sure you keep your eyes on the warning signs. All of the above-mentioned warning signs alongside other symptoms can help you to stay informed about your kidney’s health. However, you also need to visit your doctor frequently if you are at a high risk of developing kidney problems.