Pillow Boxes

8 Precious & Useful Tips for Designing Custom Pillow Boxes

There are numerous benefits to choosing custom pillow boxes. These boxes are the most outstanding choice regarding impeccable appearance, cutting-edge design, and fantastic packaging.  They are simple to transport and can quickly grab customers’ attention. Although this packaging option has been around for a while, market demand for these packages is radically rising.

Many businesses use the pillow boxes wholesale packaging for the packaging of food and many other products. Also, when you display your products on the shelves with this packaging option, it will give a more effective and alluring appearance to the customers.

8 Tips for Designing Custom Pillow Boxes

With printed pillow boxes, you can give your brand a professional look, foster image, and safeguard your items from external and internal damage. Here are our best tips for creating these boxes for personalized packaging.

1.      Consider the Target Audience

The sales channels you use have considerably impacted the type of pillow boxes wholesale packaging you must use. Although you need significantly less packaging if you’re selling in a physical store, you still have to design attractive packaging to grab customers’ attention. For instance, if you are only an online business, be careful to pick box packaging that is durable and shippable and complies with USPS requirements.

2.      Customize According to Your Product

When it comes to custom pillow boxes, you can choose from a variety of materials. You can choose boxes that fit your product’s shape and size. Print these boxes with a scarf or a simple designer’s logo. Additionally, you may add your logo and other important product information to the box. Also, you can use these boxes for fragile products such as candles and cups.

3.      Create Consistent Packaging

Use your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts when creating packaging visuals to maintain consistency. Using dull colors for pillow packaging boxes won’t make sense if your brand’s aesthetic is energetic and vibrant. Similar, making your logo noticeable can ensure that customers easily connect with your business.

4.      Make a Unique Experience for Customers

Although the retail industry is crowded, it’s critical to remember that your brand is still distinctive because you can bring unique experiences and abilities to your product. Pillow boxes offer an excellent opportunity to create distinctive products and a personal bond with the customers.

5.      Add Eye-Catching Elements

Customers’ understanding of your goods should be your primary concern when designing unique custom pillow boxes. Consider incorporating brief, written information about the product in addition to your company’s name, logo, and tagline. List the ingredients and nutritional information for any food products your business sells. If your business received any certifications from authorities, such as USDA verification, add the appropriate marks to demonstrate the authenticity of your product.

6.      Tell a Story with the Packaging

In the era of social media, the packaging is a tool for brand storytelling and visibility. You need an image to convey vital information to boost brand visibility on websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Since there are so many companies in customers’ feeds, getting our attention frequently requires something unusual. Your pillow packaging boxes are a great platform to add more creative content.

7.      Gather Feedback

Make sure your printed pillow boxes are perfect for marketing purposes. To confirm the quality of boxes, you can gather feedback from new and existing customers. You have to ensure the package is appealing and that consumers can connect it with your brand. Potential customers will choose your competitors’ products if you have unpleasant packaging.

8.      Hire a Professional Creative Team

If you want to develop the ideal custom pillow boxes, hiring an experienced designer is a significant investment. After all, creating designs for packaging involves a unique set of skills and experience. Obtain all the color codes so you can quickly match them if you wish to change your packages in the future to get the most value for your money.


Pillow packaging boxes are the perfect tool to improve brand visibility and increase sales. The likelihood of a sale may increase if the pillow box has a luxurious design. These boxes work as an incredible marketing technique. It’s a fantastic choice for retail businesses as well.