Private Jet

A Beginner’s Guide To Booking Your First Private Jet

Millions of people regularly fly across the United States on commercial airlines. These are typically individuals or small groups of people with a trip in mind or corporate executives who have business in various locations. However, what should a group or association do when several people also are needed at a specific location?

The answer for many is chartering a private jet. A wide array of jets are available at most professional chartering agencies, and it is possible to find exactly what is needed for the trip. But, for those who have never chartered a jet before, where do you begin in making a final decision? Here are a few considerations the first-time jet charterer may want to consider.

Compile A Passenger List

One of the first steps in booking a private jet is conducting a passenger inventory. The passenger list will be an essential report when scheduling the flight. Jets come in several sizes that are designed according to the total number of potential travelers.

It is also good to decide on the luggage amount and other items that may be brought. The purpose of the charter can establish certain priorities, such as taking a vacation trip or a business trip. Of course, private jets can also be chartered for small groups of 2-4 passengers. The issue is ultimately total cargo weight and comfortable seating.

Calculate the Total Destination Distance

Another issue that can impact a choice of jet is the distance to a destination and the return home. Flight plans and activity schedules should be well-crafted and detailed. Long-distance flights can impact the ultimate choice of jet due to the desire to avoid stops along the way, as not all craft are designed for long-range travel.

Crunch the numbers before evaluating options regarding the jet size. The distance can be a central element in determining rental rates as well, especially when chartering a private jet from San Francisco.

Research Plane Size Options:

Jets can be chartered in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some are smaller craft with limited seating, while others have a significant cabin and full bath facilities. Executive jets are offices on wings and geared specifically for work and socializing while in flight.

Groups of 2-4 passengers typically can fit comfortably in a light jet, while upwards to seven passengers will probably require a midsize plane. The next step will be super midsize for 8-12 passengers, with larger groups requiring a long-range jet.

Inspect Jet Options:

Looking at pictures of planes when making a decision can be one method of arriving at the right choice, but personally inspecting a plane can also be a good tool whenever it is feasible. This is not possible for all potential renters, but there are charter companies that will allow a personal inspection of any particular plane that may be available.

This could be a greater concern for those wanting light jets with necessities for short-range travel. Larger jets often have capabilities and upscale amenities that other smaller or midsize jets may not provide.

Seek Advice from Others Who Have Chartered Jets:

There is assuredly no harm in talking to another party with experience chartering a jet. They can often provide good information regarding what to expect along the way. Jet chartering companies are not all the same, and it is important to choose a provider dedicated to positive customer relations and satisfaction.

No one wants to have unforeseen complications along the way. Avoiding conflict is often the actual reason for chartering a jet as a primary option. A big range of jets is available at most professional chartering agencies, and it’s miles viable to discover precisely what is needed for the journey. There is no substitute for experience, regardless of whether the reference is positive or negative.

These are just the basics for finding the right charter jet to fulfill your traveling needs. Depending on the area of origin, there are many options to choose from, and the travel schedule can often be set with significant latitude with a flexible established carrier.

Some carriers provide transportation from the airport upon arrival and back to the plane when it is time to depart. But just as with any other undertaking for a newbie, it is best to do some research and number compilation beforehand.