Are there different categories of vacuum cleaners?

We have already listed the variety of different vacuum cleaners in tests on the Internet in the previous chapter. Instead of describing the types with their properties again, we have an overview of important details that should be known before selecting a particular category:

Floor vacuum cleaner with bag / bagless

  • Classic vacuum cleaners are available with or without bags
  • Practically all cordless vacuum cleaners work without a bag
  • Without bags no running costs
  • Large anther volume only in devices with high weight and high size
  • Without a bag no loss of performance due to a full bag
  • Bag change for allergy sufferers is better than cleaning / emptying containers

Floor vacuum cleaner with battery/cable

  • The unlimited radius of action without cable
  • Cable length limits radius of action
  • Devices with cables can suck for hours at a time
  • Battery performance time determines the operating time
  • Batteries are prone to wear and tear and need to be replaced at some point
  • Floor vacuum cleaner with high suction power usually with cable
  • best sander for cars

Without or with swipe function

  • in the case of cordless vacuum cleaners, usually by changing the foot attachment, the wipe function
  • No wiping function with classic vacuum cleaners and stick vacuums
  • Not suitable for vacuuming as a pure hard floor cleaner
  • Due to water tanks usually heavier

As advantageous as cordless vacuum cleaners are, the devices unfortunately still quickly reach their limits due to the battery performance. For example, if you remove animal hair with a battery-powered floor vacuum cleaner for carpets, you will notice a faster loss of power than when vacuuming the laminate. However, since the devices are smaller and lighter than classic vacuum cleaners, you can easily hike over stairs and cause fewer accidents.


Battery life is determined by the manufacturers under ideal laboratory conditions as a maximum value. In practice, the devices usually do not reach these values.

How do you find your personal vacuum cleaner test winner?

In our eyes, as with Stiftung Warentest, there can not be a device that is equally the best vacuum cleaner in every household. If you keep cats and dogs, you should choose a powerful floor vacuum cleaner for animal hair and treat yourself to upholstery nozzles. For those who are tenants, the volume may play the most important role, while allergy sufferers set other priorities. So, in our opinion, there can only be the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. With a little luck, it is also a cheap vacuum cleaner from Lidl, which meets all your requirements. Therefore, pay attention to the points of our purchase advice, which we have sorted for you in the next chapters by topic.

Are there various classes of vacuum cleaners?

We have proactively recorded the wide range of vacuum cleaners in tests on the Internet in the past part. Rather than depicting the sorts with their properties once more, we have an outline of significant subtleties that ought to be known prior to choosing a specific classification:

Floor vacuum cleaner with sack/bagless

Exemplary vacuum cleaners are accessible regardless of sacks
Essentially all cordless vacuum cleaners work without a sack
Without sacks no running expenses
Huge anther volume just in gadgets with high weight and high size
Without a sack no deficiency of execution because of a full pack
Pack change for sensitivity victims is superior to cleaning/discharging holders

Floor vacuum cleaner with battery/link

The limitless span of activity without link
Link length limits span of activity
Gadgets with links can suck for quite a long time at a time
Battery execution time decides the working time
Batteries are inclined to mileage and should be supplanted eventually
Floor vacuum cleaner with high pull power typically with link

Without or with swipe work

on account of cordless vacuum cleaners, ordinarily by changing the foot connection, the wipe work
No cleaning capacity with exemplary vacuum cleaners and stick vacuums
Not reasonable for vacuuming as an unadulterated hard floor more clean
Because of water tanks typically heavier

However profitable as cordless vacuum cleaners seem to be, the gadgets sadly still rapidly arrive at their limits because of the battery execution. For instance, on the off chance that you eliminate creature hair with a battery-fueled floor vacuum cleaner for rugs, you will see a quicker loss of force than while vacuuming the overlay. Be that as it may, since the gadgets are more modest and lighter than exemplary vacuum cleaners, you can undoubtedly climb over steps and cause less mishaps.

Tip: Battery not entirely settled by the producers under ideal research facility conditions as a most extreme worth. Practically speaking, the gadgets generally don’t arrive at these qualities.

How would you find your own vacuum cleaner test champ?
In our eyes, similarly as with Stiftung Warentest, there can not be a gadget that is similarly the best vacuum cleaner in each family. In the event that you keep felines and canines, you ought to pick a strong floor vacuum cleaner for creature hair and indulge yourself with upholstery spouts. For the individuals who are occupants, the volume might assume the main part, while sensitivity victims put forth different boundaries. Thus, as we would like to think, there must be the best vacuum cleaner for your requirements. With a little karma, it is likewise a modest vacuum cleaner from Lidl, which meets every one of your necessities. Consequently, focus on the places of our buy guidance, which we have arranged for you in the following parts by subject.