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Clever Uses For Cigarette boxes You May Not Have Tried Before

Cigarette boxes are one of those items that you probably don’t think too much of, but they can be used in some pretty clever ways. Sure, most of us probably recycle them or discard them altogether, but there are a few clever uses for them that you may not have known about. In this blog post, we’re going to share seven surprising uses for boxes that will surprise and delight you. From a koozie to a jewelry box, read on to learn more about these clever uses for everyday items.

Make a Small Coffee Table out of a Box

Cigarette boxes wholesale make great little coffee tables. Simply cut a hole in the top of the box, and attach some legs with screws or nails. You can also make a base out of another piece of wood, and attach that to the box.

Make A Customized Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your collection of coffee cups and saucers, why not use a cigarette box? You can customize it to fit your home perfectly, and it’s a great way to show off your personality. Here are some clever uses for cigarette boxes you may not have tried before:

  1. Display family photos in a cigar box. This is a great way to show off your personal history while keeping your photos safe.
  2. Use a cigar box as a makeshift tabletop easel. Stick an old sheet of paper inside and let your kids paint on it or take art classes outside of the house.
  3. Store extra magazines or books in a cigar box. It’s handy to have one place where everything can live, and it won’t take up much space.
  4. Create an organization center out of a cigar box. Organize all of your small tools and supplies inside, and you’ll never be lost for something specific again!
  5. Make a mini jewelry storage unit out of a cigar box. This is perfect for people who love keeping their accessories neatly sorted and organized.

Make a Beautiful Side Table

If you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of cigarettes lying around. Maybe you inherited them from a friend, or maybe you just bought them at a garage sale. Regardless of how they got into your possession, there are tons of creative ways to use these boxes in your home. Here are 10 beautiful side table ideas that you may not have thought of before:

  • Use a cigarette box as an elegant candle holder.
  • Display photographs of ornaments made out of old cigarette boxes.
  • Make a rustic coffee table out of an old cigarette box.
  • create a unique jewelry stand using an old cigarette box as the base.
  • Use a recycled cigarette box as part of an arts and crafts project.
  • Transform a plain old wooden chair into something special by covering it in vintage fabric and using a recycled cigarette box as the seat bottom.
  • Turn an empty beer crate into a beautiful side table with some simple woodworking tools and supplies (e.g., saws, screws, nails).
  • Add character to any room in your house by painting or decorating an old cigarette box in your favorite color(s).
  • Display small plants on top of a recycled cigarette box to add interest to any room in your home (just be sure to water them regularly!)
  • Create stunning display cases for collectibles by decorated recycling projects such as this one made from reused vintage telephone

Create A Customized Candle Holder Out Of An Old Bottle

Looking for some creative ways to use old boxes? Check out these ten unique ideas for candle holders, vases, picture frames, and more!

  1. Make a beautiful candle holder from an old bottle. Cut a hole in the top of the bottle and secure the wick with a bit of wax. Place your candles inside and enjoy the beautiful lit scents!
  2. Turn an old wine bottle into a gorgeous vase. Cut off the bottom of the bottle so that it is about 1-2 inches taller than the top of your vase. Sand or paint the top of the wine bottle to match your decor. Fill with fresh flowers and enjoy!
  3. Transform an old picture frame into a chic gift idea. Remove all of the pictures except for one that is at least 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall. Glue this photo to the back of your new frame and fill in any gaps with glass stones, buttons, or other decorations you may have around your home.
  4. Turn an old book into a personalized photo frame. Remove all pages except for one that measures approximately 6×8 inches – cut this page down to fit inside your new frame and glue it in place (or use E6000). Add photos ornaments on either side or in between each page (this project is also great for creating DIY bookmarks!).
  5. Create a rustic farmhouse-style candle holder from an old coffee canister.

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