Effect ability

Cloud of Daggers is a Magic Spell that Deals Damage

Cloud of daggers is a spell that deals damage when a creature enters a certain area. It is a level two ability and has a one-minute duration. It is an excellent spell to use when you want to guarantee damage without actually casting it. You can find out more about the effects of this spell by reading this article. This spell also deals damage when the creature is hit and has the Area of Effect ability.

Spell damage

When you play the character cloud of daggers 5e, the first spell you cast deals 4d4 damage to any creature that enters the cloud. You can cast this spell multiple times during a turn and it will add a fourth instance of damage to the creature. You may also cast it once more in a round. Once Again is one of the best spells to use in Cloud of Daggers 5e.

Cloud of Daggers deals damage to targets within a 5-foot square. It can target one or two other squares. This effect was codified in the Sage Advice Compendium, so you can choose whether your AoE effects snap to the grid. As long as you don’t dispel the spell, Cloud of Daggers doesn’t cause damage to people in the X or O squares.

Area of effect

The Area of Effect of Cloud of Daggers spell is incredibly versatile. The spell creates a wall of stationary knives, and it can be used to lockout enemies at long ranges. In addition, it synergizes well with charms, like the Lock On spell. In addition to locking out enemies, it can trap them. If used correctly, Cloud of Daggers can cause ridiculous amounts of damage.

The Area of Effect of Cloud of Daggers 5e spell occupies four squares around the area it affects. If the target is not able to move, the Cloud of Daggers 5e spell will remain in place for 60 seconds. If it isn’t dispelled within that time, it will remain in place for a longer duration. The duration of the spell can be increased by placing a mob of monsters within the area of effect.

Levels of spells

Unlike other RPGs that require you to pay for spell slots, Cloud of Daggers 5e has no spell slot cost. This spell affects multiple targets within range and requires a concentration check against the DC of the spell. The user must also make a saving throw against the spell’s spell save DC (DC 17+). The duration and level of the saving throw are dependent on the level of the spellcaster.

Taking a character to the next level will allow them to learn additional spells. The first spell is Cloud of Daggers, a classic spell that continues to feature cool features. You can cast Cloud of Daggers on yourself or another character, depending on your level. It has a similar feel as Burning Hands, but requires a second or third instance. Cloud of Daggers will work as a great spell for defense and offense. However, it will require some practice to master.

CHA modifier

As a spell, Cloud of Daggers does slashing damage. It’s not damage from regular weapons, and the spell does not have a cooldown. Instead, it does damage whenever a creature enters the space it’s cast upon. When a creature enters the space, it takes 4d4 slashing damage. That’s guaranteed damage. The spell has an optional twinned spell ability that adds a CHA modifier to the damage that it does.

Cloud of Daggers can be a useful spell for players who want to prevent enemies from traversing space. Since it deals no damage to enemies, it’s a good choice for Warlocks, as their spell list is smaller than the Wizard’s. However, Bards can make great use of Cloud of Daggers, given their high melee weapon damage potential. In addition, they can use it to control space webtoon xyz, which can be very useful for Bards.


While Cloud of Daggers 5e does deal damage to any creature in its area, it doesn’t auto-hit when a creature is in an occupied space. This feature also doesn’t immediately cause a creature’s damage to reduce when the spell hits. Fortunately, the compendium of Wise Advice states that Cloud of Daggers and Moon Beam do not cause instant damage, which is a nice feature.

Limitations of Cloud of Daggers are minimal compared to its many uses. This spell is a 2nd-level Conjuration spell and can be cast by Wizards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers. The spell lasts for 1 minute with concentration and deals 4d4 slashing damage to all creatures that enter its range. This spell can pack considerable damage when it is used in conjunction with space control.