CoConstruct Vs. BuilderTrend Software: The Better Option

Managing projects for the construction industry can be quite a daunting task, as there is so much happening at the same time that u can easily lose track of things. However, if you are equipped with the right kind of software, it can be rather a laidback job. In this article, we are going to discuss CoConstruct Construction Software and BuilderTrend Construction Software; features, pricing, demos, and reviews so that you can get a clear picture of what is more suitable to have for your business.   

CoConstruct Estimating Software is designed for home builders, contractors, and remodelers to help businesses overcome the communication glitches and project management frenzy of residential construction. You can monitor all of your project schedule information, client and team messaging, project financials, and more in one place to help progress your business.  

BuilderTrend Estimating Software aids construction businesses to save money and smoothly running projects. BuilderTrend offers a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system, project proposals, bid requests, and more pre-sale tools. Project management tools include timesheets, scheduling, budgeting, and more. Its customer management tools incorporate warranty requests, payment processing, and change order and selection management. The system also integrates with other solutions like QuickBooks, Xero, and other different dedicated estimating and takeoff tools. 

CoConstruct Software—Key Benefits 

The primary benefits of CoConstruct include a well-structured architecture that makes tools highly accessible and customizable, and its financial management and integrated collaboration tools. Let’s have a look at these benefits: 

Structured Project Management 

CoConstruct Estimating Software lets your team organize activities, important files, and different project—related tasks and components. Anyone from the teams can easily access and update data for future developments as it is arranged on a single list.  

Streamlined Bidding 

CoConstruct software strives to make the bidding process easy for you by keeping an eye on your latest bids and file details, generating accurate and detailed requests, and keeping track of your activities, including an automated reminder for the upcoming due dates. 

Improved Communication Between Clients and Crew 

CoConstruct offers a unique feature to improve the process of providing information to their clients. As it strives to provide better coordination among the internal and external project agents to smooth and timely execution of task assigning, files and ideas exchange, and tracking details.    

Financial Control 

To make financial management tasks more convenient and consistent, CoConstruct collaborates with QuickBooks and Xero. This unified integration of these tools guarantees reliable invoices, reliable budgeting, and forecasting of project expenditures.   

Custom – built Branding 

CoConstruct offers you the facility to white—label the UI and keep a consistent branding with your staff, partners, clients, and stakeholders.  

Project Control 

CoConstruct software provides you full control and access over your project at any time and place through your mobile devices i.e., iPhone, iPad, other ISO, and android devices.  

CoConstruct Pricing 

CoConstruct Estimating Software offers a free trial for its potential users to have an in-depth insight into the working of their software. It also offers a free plan to its users with limited features, three different paid pricing plans are also available, starting from $99 /month.  

  • Essential—at $99 /month, $399 after 2 months  
  • Advanced—at $399 /month, $699 after 2 months 
  • Complete—at $899 /month, $1299 after 2 months  

CoConstruct Demo 

CoConstruct software offers a free demo for its potential buyers to provide a detailed introduction to its products.   

CoConstruct Reviews 

CoConstruct carries a 4.71-star rating at Software Advice with 842 reviews. The majority of reviews provide a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of CoConstruct software from their established customers.  

Builder Trend —Key Benefits 

Better Communication 

You can document and share important information with your team, clients, and subcontractors. You can also make notes with voice—to—text feature, send notifications with updates, and automated weather updates. Which help in enhancing project efficiency, makes offsite project management easy, and improves communication among all parties. 

Easy to Create Change Orders

BuilderTrend Construction Software offers you the opportunity to create and manage change orders from your office or on the go with its mobile app. It aids in streamlining the process through electronic signatures and online payment collection.  

Accurate Timelines with Schedules 

You can use the Schedule feature to keep all jobs on track, make modifications on the go and inform the involved parties in real-time. You can employ multiple views including the Gantt chart, sync with Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal and make adjustments by linking your schedule items.  

Organized Selection 

To provide transparency to your clients, the Selection tool allows you to keep the clients informed about the project running total and get e-signatures. 

Better Time Tracking 

Its Time Clock feature allows you to view the accurate your employees’ in/ out time, and easily run payroll reports with the time tracking software.   

Improved Project Planning 

BuilderTrend allows you to attach photos and documents and assign tasks to users and send automated notifications. You can create and assign tasks to your team or set reminders for clients with To—Do’s with voice—to—text feature.  

Reduced Risks 

The electronic warranty makes track claims, warranty submission issues, and appointment scheduling pretty simple. You can attach files, send and receive automated notifications and take advantage of custom reporting.     

BuilderTrend Pricing 

BuilderTrend software offers a free trial to have a comprehensive look into the workings of the software and decide for yourself if the software is the right fit for your organizational needs.  

BuilderTrend offers a free plan to its users with limited features, three different paid pricing plans with advanced features are also available, starting from $99 /month. Its three tiers of paid plans are:    

  • Essential—at $99 /month, $399 after 2 months  
  • Advanced—at $399 /month, $699 after 2 months 
  • Complete—at $899 /month, $1299 after 2 months 

BuilderTrend Demo 

BuilderTrend offers an on-demand, free demo and provides an opportunity for you to see the software in action, ask questions and learn why BuilderTrend is the right choice for your business

BuilderTrend Reviews 

BuilderTrend carries a 4.48-star rating at Software Advice with 1572 reviews. The majority of reviews comprehensively report the advantages and disadvantages of BuilderTrend software to their customers. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Both construction management software solutions have tools for pre-sales, project, financial, and customer management. BuilderTrend is for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, and commercial contractors of all sizes. CoConstruct is ideal for small to mid-sized home builders and remodelers. 

Each software offers free demos, you should head to the company site and watch the demos to make a comparison and find out which one is the better fit for your business. Whichever software you choose, don’t forget to do proper research and read reviews before making the final choice.