DP-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Study Guide

Your resume will become highly valued with the Microsoft DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals certification. Applicants should have a solid understanding of data concepts and how to apply them if they want to pass the test and get certified. Additionally, understanding various workload types will assist applicants in this test. 

With the help of professional certifications, you can impress potential employers. In this case, getting the DP 900 certification training qualifies you to get other Azure role-based certifications. 

Preview of the DP-900 Exam

There are 40 to 55 questions in the Microsoft DP-900 test. You will get 60 minutes to complete the exam, and the passing score is 70%. DP-900 is a gateway for additional Azure role-based Microsoft Azure certifications, such as Azure Data Engineer Associate or Azure Database Administrator Associate. It generally costs $99 to take up the Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification exam.

For the exam, you need to know the following:

  • Applicants must be able to use Microsoft Azure data services to execute fundamental data principles
  • The ideas of relational and non-relational data, as well as various data workloads like transactional or analytical, must be familiar to the applicants
  • Candidates taking the test should start working with cloud data

DP-900 Exam Goals

Before commencing your revision, it is crucial to understand the exam’s requirements and rules. It is advised that you read the DP-900 exam guide and gain more knowledge about the course, given the extensive content this exam covers. During DP 900 certification training, you will learn that this test covers four domains critical for you to succeed.

DP-900 Study Resources

You can use various materials to have an excellent DP-900 preparation manual. You must select the ideal combination of materials for your type and level of comprehension if you want to ace the exam. 

The measures you must take to get ready for the DP-900 test are as follows: 

  1. Microsoft Learning Platform

Candidates can use a specific study platform provided by Microsoft to get ready for the DP-900 test. The study tool will be helpful as you prepare for the test. Go through Microsoft online courses; it will help you fully comprehend the subjects included in the exam. Be prepared for the next phase of preparation by taking your notes.

2. Microsoft Docs

You can now go on to the Microsoft documentation to quickly comprehend the concepts covered in the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals test. It will provide you with a wealth of knowledge broken down into several classes and courses. You will learn about Azure data principles and the many services using these Microsoft Docs lessons.

3. Microsoft Instructor-led Training

Microsoft has made the required provisions for candidates to get ready for the DP-900 exam. During Microsoft certification courses, applicants will recognize and define fundamental data concepts, including big data, relational, non-relational, and analytics. Additionally, it aids in the basic understanding of cloud data products within Microsoft Azure and fundamental abilities in cloud data services. This paid instructor-led course is given by qualified individuals familiar with the requirements of the DP-900 test.

4. Online Communities and Forums

Join online study groups and forums to guarantee that you receive the finest advice from peers and professionals certified in Azure Data Fundamentals. Additionally, know about all the preparation tools and key ideas through these forums or communities.

5. DP-900 Books and Resources

Find the best publications on the DP-900 and Data Fundamentals of Azure online. Get them if you notice favorable reviews for the DP-900 books to further your understanding through authentic resources. 

6. Practice Tests

Like Microsoft certification training, taking practice tests is an essential aspect for the exam. It boosts your exam preparation, which makes Microsoft DP-900 exam practice tests crucial since they allow you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It is ideal to begin taking practice exams after finishing one complete topic because this will serve as a revision tool for you. Additionally, you will improve your replying abilities, which will help you save time.

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DP-900 exam includes the foundational ideas that form the basis of your Azure journey. Before you start your preparation, you must first understand the characteristics of the exam. You can learn all the information necessary for the Azure Data Fundamental certification from this comprehensive and organized study guide. In the coming years, cloud computing will replace IT services, and most enterprises will rely on it. So, if you want to pass the exam, sign up for the DP 900 certification training program now.